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We need to reroute computer/tech/scoutbook issues to the Scoutbook and My Scouting Tools forums

Maybe it is just me but it seems to me that 80 to 90% of the issues on here deal with records, tracking, and various tech related ‘stuff’ that has little to do with delivering program, improving recruiting or retention or getting and holding needed volunteers and parent participation. I would like to hear more about ‘success stories’ and/or questions for suggestions from leaders that need actual program help and support. I would like to hear from other volunteers if they want this page to be more about building and delivering great programs than glitches. Or am I off base? Let me know… Thanks

@JohnWhitford1 - as someone who works in a data center and have done so for almost 20 years… the folks with issues may or may not present their issues and if they did they may or may not be able to present their issue that could be quickly understood and resolved.

They honestly need someone local to them to assist.


There are already forums for the technical discussions. They are noted in the site FAQs, and available from the to level categories forum:

Scoutbook specific

There are separate subforums for feature suggestions, bug reports, asking general Scoutbook questions

My Scouting tools-related issues

This includes things like IA2, Internet Rechartering, issues with training modules.

The site is reasonably well organized. We just need to make sure we’re posting in the right spots.

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Thanks. It does seem that a lot of the folks that post are not aware of those options. It is reasonable to seek help in Cub or Scout or Crew forums when you are not aware. It just seems that you have to scroll through a lot of posts that have little to do with the program and ought to be, as you said, posted elsewhere. Perhaps the moderators could move them. Just a thought.

It would be great if each district had a tech person to help but districts generally can’t fill the usual positions let alone add a tech slot. Would be nice. Perhaps in this day and age that ought to be a new subcommittee on the district committee structure.

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