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Webeloree Job Descriptions and Program

My APO chapter has been asked to provide volunteer help for a council/district but I suspect the one page job descriptions may be out o date. Extracts from assignment sheet and job descriptins sheet are quote in that order:


Is there a guide for putting on webeloree?

Nurse and Screener

Nurse: (Sat, 7am-Sun11am)
1.__________ 2. Screener: _________

1 Nurse: (adult): (whole weekend)
Assist at registration, be aware of medical concerns and supervise and provide medical attention as needed.

Anyone know what a “Screener” does. Reference?

SOLVED: The “screener” was the person who collected information about food allergies and special medical conditions. The position is no longer needed because that information is now collected differently.

Program Station Helpers

4 Badges;1 Patch (4-10 helpers each): (9:00-5:00)

  1. Outdoor
  2. Aware & Care
  3. Sports
  4. Earth Rocks
  5. BB Gun

30 Assist. Adventure Leaders (6-8 Webelos per): (Sat 8:30-5:15)
Instruct from the Webelos Handbook with Requirement Modifications the needed requirements to complete or provide a partial for the adventure pin within 100 minutes. Some requirements may need to be completed by the youth prior to attending.

  • Earth Rocks: (Elective)
  • Aware & Care (Elective)
  • Outdoorsman (A of L Requirement)
  • Shooting Sports Award

**What are the current award names and which handbook replaced

Webelos Handbook with Requirement Modifications? Any idea what “A of L” is? Has it changed?**

SOLVED: “A of L” is the "Arrow of Light’ award.

Post updated: 2019-08-06.

Looks like the job descriptions were developed between December 2016 and June 2018.

The Scoutbook reference section can answer this. Log in > home > References > Cub Scouts >Arrow of Light > Adventures. However, this is a derivative source, copied by the programmers from a BSA source. This Cub Scout web page give the overview with names, but does not include the requirements for each adventure.

The “new” program started June 2015, with new rank handbooks published. Revisions to the new program were made in November 2016, with an addendum for each rank handbook available in December 2016. With the advent of family scouting, a revised handbook was developed with different pictures and the cover was changed to a solid color, coded to each rank.
image “current” family scouting, started September 2018

image June 2015 - August 2018

image “old”, ended May 2015

Actually “A of L”, it stands for Arrow of Light, the final Cub Scout rank for scouts typically in 5th grade.


Webeloree Program Updates

As of 2019-07-25 (“Leon Day” - Christmas in July).


  1. Webelos Handbook (WH), 34754, 2018 Printing, SKU 646300
  2. Webelos Den Leader Guide (WDLG), 37003, 2018 Printing, SKU 646724

The Scoutbook online Cub Scouting References from 2015 appear to have been superceded:

  • Webelos (based on WH, 33452, 2015 printing, SKU 620139)
  • Arrow of Light (based on WH, 33452, 2015 printing, SKU 620139)

Outdoor Adventurer

Arrow of Light required adventure
WH 2018 pp. 140-155; WDLG 2018 pp. 89-104

“Outdoor” on assignment sheet appears to be short for "Outdoor Adventurer. “Outdoorsman” on job description sheet and Scoutbook references menu are superseded by the name “Outdoor Adventurer”

Aware and Care

Elective adventure
WH 2018 pp 252-267; WDLG 2018 pp. 151-158


Elective adventure
WH 2018 pp. 488-497; WDLG 2018 pp. 267-274

Earth Rocks

Elective adventure
WH 2918 pp. 312-329; WDLG 2018 pp. 183-189

BB Gun Shooting

Outdoor Program Activity

Webeloree Setup and Break Down


4 people - Set Up Staff: (Friday 3pm - evening)

  1. Post signs for welcome, activity pins, first aid station, registration, etc. Set up cones for parking in and outside the quarry.
  2. Secure tables and chairs for registration across from the lodge & on the patio for the Scout Shop.
  3. Post four patrol signs in the lower field for tent set up.
  4. Confirm the lodge, office & all toilets are unlocked, stocked and operable.
  5. Ensure trash cans are bagged & placed with extra linings.
  6. Ensure all other buildings are not accessible to the public and that the camp is ready for operation.
  7. As needed, ensure that the second campfire pit is placed.

Break Down

4 people - Break Down Staff: (Sunday 10am to 1pm)
Ensure there is no trace of attendees, such that:

  1. no trash was left on the grounds,
  2. trash bags are replaced and they and recyclables are put in the receptacles behind the lodge,
  3. bathrooms are all cleaned out,
  4. cones, signs and materials are put back in the day camp locker,
  5. the 2nd fire pit is removed, and
  6. the lodge area is clean.

I am not sure what safety gear is needed

  • pants
  • long-sleeve shirt
  • hat (protection from the sun)
  • leather gloves
  • rubber gloves
  • sun glasses (protection from the sun)
  • safety googles?
  • anythig else?

Earth Rocks Geologist?

The BSA professional for the Webeloree I looking a Geologist to leader the Earth Rocks Webeloree station. I was wondering how many packs have access to a geologist for this adventure. Is there a Scout BSA merit badge for geology or similar training?

Hi, @Bill_W, I can think of two related merit badges off the top of my head: Geology and Mining in Society. Neither, however, would make a scout into a geologist.

Does Earth Rocks actually require meeting with a geologist? I don’t recall that requirement, but it’s been several years since I was a Webelos DL.

Having a geologist there would be cool, but it is not required.

Thank your for the MBs. There is no requirement to meet with a geologist, that I can see.

If wife (Campfire Girl, Girl Scout, and later an SM) was still alive, it would do not be an issue. She studied geology in college and as a middle-school teacher and graduate student walked on hot volcanoes. On a summer vacation she reported to the British that one of their island volcanoes was getting ready to explode (which it did about a year later).

So you never know where youth learning about earth rocks might lead.

I will have the council check to see if MBCs for those MBs that could be used.

I don’t know if your Webelosree is run in a similar fashion to our Webelos Woods. We generally have the attending troops provide youth teaching staff for various Webelos activities. If it is run in a similar fashion, it might even be worth checking to see if one of more of the troops participating in the Webelosree has scouts with the Geology and/or Mining in Society merit badges attending. One of the MBCs might be able to spearhead curriculum, but have the youth teach it. It would give the Webelos a taste of what it’s really like being in a troop (i.e. EDGE method instruction from more experienced youth).

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