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Webelos 1 uniform question

I know the regulated uniform requirements set forth by the BSA for the tan and green Webelos uniform, so please don’t go down that conversation road. I want your opinion. To stray from the proper uniform or not? As a cub scout that has been in since Tiger or Lion and has earned many rank belt loops, shooting awards, recruiter strip, summer awards, and other badges. The scouts already have red brag vests with PWD badges, rocketry badges and summer camp patches, hiking and special den trip patches to the fire house, police station, radio station and a bunch more. Do you think the Webelos scout should put these rank patches and earned awards from the blue uniform onto the new tan one? One parent thought about creating a blue sash, sort of like the merit badge sash. We want to show the younger scouts that you can earn through hard work so many cool patches and we want the Webelos scouts to be able to talk with excitement about their fun times to the younger scouts. Thoughts?

We actually used the blue uniforms until the scouts earned their Webelos badges, then changed over to the khaki & greens. That gave them the chance to display their various paraphrenalia.

Once the scouts moved from blue to khaki/green, they typically still wore their Cub Scout belts/belt loops, and brag vests at things like Blue & Gold. It was more pragmatic as to whether the parents transferred the various temporary patches (e.g. summer camp) and awards (Recruiter, summertime pack award, etc) to the khaki shirt.

Since we transitioned when they earned the Webelos badge, none of them transferred earlier ranks. I would probably not do so, personally, just due to the hassle.

Maybe (if they are particularly excited about keeping everything together), the temporary patches can all move to the brag vests. I also like the idea of khaki velcro for the temporary patches (fuzzy side on the right pocket, hooks on the patches), so that scouts can swap them out fairly easily. This is extra work for the parents (or scouts if they learn to sew), but it makes swapping temp patches as simple as sewing velcro hook-side onto the new temp patch. You only have to get your hand inside the pocket once to get the loop-side velcro sewn on.

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If they wear the blue belt, they can wear their adventure loops on it. This is specifically permitted according to the Webelos Uniform Inspection Sheet.

They should be able to wear the red patch (brag) vest with their Scout uniform. I have not seen anywhere that Webelos Scouts cannot wear the red vest. And they can put pretty much any patches on it that they want.


As @JenniferOlinger said, the adventure loops are allowed, since the blue belt is allowed.

The recruiter strip is permanent, as long as a Scout is a youth member. One who earns it as a Tiger can wear it as a 20-year-old Venturer.

The Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award and National Summertime Award may both be worn on the right pocket flap of the tan shirt.

A Cub Scout Shooting Sports award may be worn as a temporary insignia on the tan shirt. There is even a Webelos version of the award.

The prohibition against wearing the pre-Webelos badges of rank on the tan shirt is relatively new and shows a disconnect between the youth and those who made that decision. It makes absolutely no sense to forbid Webelos from doing this. If a new Scout joins as a Webelos Scout, s/he can never wear the Bobcat badge? I find it absurd.

Violating the rule provides a much better outcome for the Scout. However, when the Webelos rank is earned, the prior ranks need to be removed. So, the person sewing the badges on the shirt needs to be willing to do the work.


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