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Webelos Advancements

We have 2 girls in our Pack 2519 and they are ready to be advanced to complete the adventures and all requirements for Arrow of Light.
One of them has completed the activities and adventures for Arrow of Light. I have tried to fill out the dates she completed and approved them but it seems to go back to the roster (or a page before that). What steps should I do first? Thank you.

@TanNguyen - a good question would be where are you entering this ? Is it scoutbook.com or scoutbook.scouting.org as that will change the response.


Are these Scouts in a Webelos Den in Scoutbook?

Hi Stephen,

I was looking and try to advancing them in the Scoutbook.com. What you told me is try the scoutbook.scouting.org? Thank you.


Yes Sir they are registered in Scoutbook on day one. Thank you.

@TanNguyen Would you be willing to do a screen share?

I don’t think he was suggesting you do that. I think he was asking to try to ascertain where you are having a problem.

Are you the den leader? Advancement chair? Something else?

Do you have a full control connection to them?

Can you check their current scoutbook membership? Do you see one or more than one? Is there a green shield by it?

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