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We have some AOLs that did not finish the Webelos Adventures, not earning the badge. Can they still earn those required adventures for Webelos or just worry about the AOL required?

I would think that once they officially started 5th grade they wouldn’t be able to earn that badge. If they completed any of those adventures over the summer, prior to moving to the 5th grade I would still count it. Otherwise, stick with AOL.

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They can still earn both rank badges. They do not “bridge” from a webelos to an AOL. There is only one den for them in scoutbook not 2. If they want to get that badge, however, they should complete that before working on their AOL.

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What National has said is once in 5th grade, priority needs to be given to AOL Required Adventures, over unearned Webelos required or extra Electives adventures. Yes they could finish Webelos, but the Den Leader should focus on AOL. Let the Scouts figure how to get down what they did not if they desire


Related question: We have new Scouts that have joined as 5th graders…so they are working on AOL requirements once they have completed their Bobcat badge. Scoutbook won’t let me update their AOL progress…it is default at Webelos I. How can I input AOL and bypass the Webelos I?

Look under their edit profile screen and set the working towards to AOL

The COVID-19 Cub Scout advancement policy remains in effect. This policy leaves it to the discretion of the den to determine how long work on a previous rank should continue.

The policy was discussed by the national director and national chair of Cub Scouting in an episode of Cub Chat Live earlier this year. Unfortunately, the FAQ posted in 2020, wasn’t as clear or precise as it could have been. Until I saw this video, I had understood the COVID extension policy to mean that Scouts who wanted to continue working on the previous rank could not start working on the next rank, until they either completed the previous rank or abandoned the attempt to do so. In the video, it is clear that the intention of the extension is not to delay the start of work on the next rank.

With regard to Webelos Scouts, a comment by the national director of Cub Scouting posted in a Facebook group seems to indicate that, even without regard to special pandemic rules, it is fine for a fifth grader to earn the Webelos rank so long as s/he does so before earning the Arrow of Light.

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