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Webelos Drama/Theater/Skit/Campfire Requirements?

Are there really no required or elective adventures in the Webelos/AOL program that touch on anything theatrical? After having something about that in all the previous years, this omission seems surprising enough that I’ve gone through the book three times, but still feel like I must just not be seeing it!

I’m trying to plan a Wolf/Webelos year and would like to find something to “work toward” that will motivate the drama-disinclined in our Webelos den to want to participate when we’re working on the Howling at the Moon adventure with the Wolves. And for the kids who may be missing den meetings because of their school musical rehearsals, I had hoped to find an elective to point them toward the same way that I do with kids who are trying to juggle scouts and sports.

Am I just not seeing it, or is it really not there?

The closest I see is Moviemaking.

That’s a bit more on the technology side than I was hoping for, but I suppose coming up with an original Wolf skit and creating a storyboard for a Webelos movie are compatible activities.


First, ideally the reason for them to help the Wolves is because a scout is “Friendly, Courteous, Kind.” But, I am also all for making slight modifications and earning an adventure while doing so.

They would need to do a little more work to get Moviemaking, but it might also make it more fun for both Webelos and Wolves. Not to mention that some relatives might also then get to enjoy the moment in the process.

What a shame.

Showman was one of the original 15 Webelos activity badges when the Webelos program was created in 1967.

I know - when I googled drama/theater and Webelos, that came up. And puppetry, too. This is such a great age for puppets.
All I can think is that there were multiple ones that seemed redundant and they somehow accidentally dropped both.

Valid point.
I think, though, that given the size difference between the two groups, and the number of nights so far when only one wolf has shown up, having 8 or so older kids “helping” would likely be really overwhelming.
Doing skits simply because skits are fun is also a good reason, though.

I think my disappointment is less about the time spent working on Howling at the Moon than about the kids who are missing scouts because of the school musical. When a kid says “I can’t do scouts this year because I’m too busy with sports” one of the replies I often give is “did you know you might be able to use that to earn an elective?” which has, a couple of times at least, helped kids who missed September and October for football to not feel like they’re so far behind the other kids that they shouldn’t even bother.
I wish there was a parallel route to try for theater.

The biggest thing for me when losing a Cub to sports is when I know said kid won’t be in sports as long as they would be in Scouts. The reality is that in this area involvement drops dramatically once they hit 6th grade, and hits again at 9th. Then again, a big disappointment is seeing the sheer number who believe they are setting their kid up to “make it.”

It didn’t bother me when I lost the three sport kid to sports. Last I saw his mom he was planning his involvement in two sports n high school having already been in contact with the coaches.

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