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Webelos + Summertime Pack Pin & Scoutbook Brainteasers

More Summertime Pack Award Pin brainteasers! :wink: Two questions specific to Scoutbook & the Summertime Pack Award Pin for Webelos:

Question 1: Webelos Scout A attended a Pack event in June & August 2019, but not July 2019. Webelos Scout A (now working towards AOL) attends a Pack event in July 2020, but not June 2020. Is Scout A eligible to earn a Summertime Pack Award Pin? (According to Scoutbook, Scout A has satisfied all the requirements & should receive the pin)

Question 2: In 2019, Scout B earned and received the Summertime Pin for Webelos. Now, in 2020, Scout B is now working towards AOL. Is Scout B eligible to earn the same pin again? Scoutbook does not allow for an additional award entry (and is subsequently unable to display a 2nd pin in the advancement record)

Question 3: What is the average lead content of the Webelos Summertime Pack Award Pin :wink:

My understanding, at least when I was a cub leader is that all of the requirements had to be completed in the program year in which the award was received, not just in the “rank den” year. That said, Webelos is clearly a different animal in that regard, with a “rank den” year that doesn’t exclusively match with a program year. I would likely implement it as I described above, with the caveat that I would have notified the scouts/families about the way it’s “counted”. So, from my PoV, #1 and #2 are the same: no award earned.

Item #3, is outside my area of expertise, but I understand you can get lead test sticks relatively easily at home stores… :^)

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It is up to your Pack Committee to decide how to implement the Summertime Pack Awards. But I agree with @CharleyHamilton. My understanding is that the Summertime Pack Award is referring to a single summer (June, July, and August of the same calendar year). If your Pack Committee wants to allow Webelos Scouts the opportunity to earn the Webelos pin twice as a way to encourage attendance every summer, they can do so, although it can only be recorded once in Scoutbook.

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When I was Webelos Den Leader and Advancement Chair, a Scout had to participate in one event in each of June, July and August of the same year. Webelos could earn the award twice. I used the Notes field to indicate the date of the 2nd award.


I agree with what has been said about the National Summertime Award needing to be earned in a single summer and not spread over two years. Following the way the form certifying the award works, there doesn’t seem to be a way that a Scout gets credit in 2020 for a June 2019 event, although it could be impossible for the data on this form to be reconciled.

It is my understanding that only one National Summertime Award should be worn by a Scout, even though I have often encountered Scouts with a full rack of four or even five. I draw this conclusion, because the Cub Scout and Webelos uniform inspection sheets have shown only one pin and identified it exclusively in the singular for as long as the pin has appeared on the uniform inspection sheet. If a Scout could wear more than one at a time, I believe it would say “pin(s)”, and it would not be so difficult to print that.

Since it is my belief that a Scout can wear only one of these pins at a time, there is no purpose in a Scout possessing two of them. Therefore, I give Scouts two cracks at earning the Webelos pin. They can do it either during the summer before or after fourth grade

In normal, non-COVID-19 times, just about all our Scouts get June checked off. School ends later here in Delaware than in many other places. So we are still having weekly meetings in June. We try to plan a few things for July and August to give the Scouts more than one chance to participate and earn the pin. Usually, school starts after Labor Day here. This year, school is starting on August 31, and we’re planning to meet (either in person on on Zoom) that night.

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The pack can qualify for the National Summertime Pack Award certificate and streamer by planning and conducting three pack activities—one each in June, July, and August (or during other school vacations if your pack is in a year-round school).

Dens with an average attendance of at least half their members at the three summer pack events are eligible for a colorful den participation ribbon.

Cub Scouts who participate in all three pack events are eligible to receive the National Summertime Pack Award pin, which they can wear on the right pocket flap of their uniform. This is an individual recognition for children, not adults.

Lions are not eligible.

Cub Scouting - Other Youth Awards


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Thanks for your replies. Hopefully, the information in this thread will provide clarification & guidance for other Pack advancement chairs using Scoutbook.

I agree that the rules & sentiment of the award requirements mean that Scout A should not be eligible for the pin. @PeterHopkins notes the form (which I have used in the past at my local ScoutShop) essentially spells this out, but the pins are also available as a normal, non-restricted item at scoutshop.org so it is possible that some leaders may not actually be using the form when acquiring the pins.

The situation with Scout B seems more challenging, with compelling arguments on both sides as to whether or not Scout B should receive the pin. As always, @PeterHopkins is meticulous with his knowledge of insignia and his point about uniform diagrams showing space for one pin is just enough to sway me towards the idea that a Webelos scout may only earn the pin once, but may have two opportunities to earn it.

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I agree with the award having to be earned in one summer. I do give the Webelos the opportunity to earn it twice. I’ve never really used the inspection sheet other than a placement guide, and hadn’t noticed the singular there. My son had 5 lined up across his uniform before bridging. We’re also a little more relaxed on the “1 per month” requirement than we maybe should be. In the spirit of getting kids to attend summer events, we give them the award if they attend any 3 summertime events. It usually works out to one a month, but not always.

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@BrendonHoch - You are correct that the pins are not restricted items and can be purchased without entering them on an Advancement Report and without completing the award application. I suspect many packs do not turn in the award application. In our council, if we turn in the application, the council will send us a certificate, a streamer for the pack flag and any den award flag streamers that have been earned.

We usually photocopy page 2 of the application, because we have more than one event in each month. We fill out the information for each individual event, and that makes it impossible to reconcile the number of Scouts attending individual events with the number that earn the pins.

In our pack, we allow them to count any 3 events: in June, July, August, or September (before the day after labor day or September 5th, whichever is later). They can count 3 events in one month or spread it out.

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