Webelos to AOL Slider

I have a number of Webelos who joined Cub Scouts at the start of 5th Grade, meaning they are working towards their AOL without earning their Webelos Badge. When I go to “Edit Extended Information” and move the slider from Webelos to Arrow of Light and add the date, there is not an apply button or something similar. When I go back to their profile it still has them working for Webelos Badge. How do I make sure the slider sticks on AOL?


@AlexanderPerschall we reported this to developers

I reported this about 10 days ago over on this Other Thread. Is there an update? Tracking adventures is not impossible; however, I am not sure if electives will get counted for AOL rank or not, and this bug is preventing the proper recording of award progress at the AOL level.


The fix has been identified and is being tested. It will be released as part of an upcoming Wednesday update.


Thank you for working this fix, I’d like to ensure my new den members are properly accounted for. If there are issues or delays, please keep us informed!

The best way to stay on top of the updates and bug fixes is to subscribe to the various change logs.

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