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Webelos uniform change for 2021-22?

I saw this information regarding a change to the Webelos uniform, but I can’t find any more details on it.


The Webelos uniform is going through a rolling change where fourth grade Webelos wear the blue uniform and fifth graders wear the tan uniform. This change will become official for the start of the 2021-22 program year.
The Webelos belt is going through a rolling change from navy-blue web belt with Webelos buckle to green web belt with BSA buckle Either is acceptable.
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In the past WEBELOS had the option on wearing the blue or khaki uniforms. A couple of years ago it was decided that 4th graders would remain in the blue and the 5th graders went to the khaki. I assume the decision for the 5th graders wearing the khaki is because they spend part of that year in WEBELOS and the other part in a troop.

Thanks for this info! As a Bear Mom, I’m glad to know my Scout will get another year out of his blue shirt (on which I’ve so diligently sewed his patches)!


Don’t forget to hang on to those uniforms, with the patches still attached, as they get older or grow out of them. They make a great display piece at their Eagle Court of Honor.


The way I understood it. 4th graders could wear the blue uniform with the Webelos neckerchief up till they are awarded the Webelos badge. Once they earn the Webelos badge, they transition to the tan shirt. I think the goal was to get rid of the old diamond Webelos award and keep the new tan one.

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The guidance in the link is a bit confusing, since our Pack has had our Webelos’ adopt the tan uniform for a while now based on previous guidance…now it seems like sBSA is indicating going back to the blue unis for the 4th grade and then transition to tan for 5th grade…? Progress should move forwards, not waffle back-and-forth.

My 4th grader had definitely outgrown his blue uni and the upgrade was welcome, plus it gave them a psychological edge as they were “older” scouts and helped them get ready to level-up.

With the introduction of the Tiger diamond badge, there is no space left for a diamond Webe badge and to force a uniform change in Feb (when we get a lot of Webes earning their rank) to accommodate the oval Webe badge is a bit awkward.

My vote: 4th grade Webes should transition to the tan uniform and add the oval Webe patch when they earn it.


Trying to “understand” what the BSA meant instead of what they said, I think that the intent is that Webelos are all going to wear the tan & green, both at 4th & 5th grade levels once the change becomes official. I think that “this change” is referring to the change from blue as 4th graders to tan & green for everyone will take effect in 2021.

We generally applied the “When your scout outgrows his blue shirt, get him a tan one.” rule at the Webelos level, whether in the 4th or 5th grade age group. It made no sense to any of us to ask a parent to buy a new shirt that would be used for only long enough to sew on the existing badges. If the shirt was $5-$10, and the patches magically self-attached maybe, but definitely not at the going rates for uniform shirts and the actual headaches involved in moving patches to a new shirt. We encouraged everyone to purchase the tan shirts and green pants some time during the 5th grade year, assuming they hadn’t already done so before. That way, the scout could sew his Webelos badge on. We had a couple of families just pull off the old rank badges, and sew the oval on the blue shirt. I let them know technically it was meant to go on the tan shirt, but I wasn’t going to be the “uniform police” about it. Tucked and tidy was my standard of care, not every badge in exactly the right spot. I let parents know something was out of place once or twice to make sure they were aware, then left it alone.


The answer is on the page you linked to:

"The Webelos Cub Scout uniform has the following parts;

  1. Shirt—The official tan uniform shirt is available with long or short sleeves and has button-flap pockets."

Webelos den? Webelos uniform.

Interesting…Generally in our Pack I have suggested that parents purchase a navy uniform shirt size comparable to how much their scout grows. I had a son who grew a lot and was bigger than his classmates. When he became a Tiger at the end of kinder I think I bought a large or xl. I wanted to get my monies worth out of the shirt and did not want to buy a new one until 3rd grade ended. He just made it to the end of 3rd grade! Some of my other friends had scouts who were taller in 3rd grade but the navy uniform shirt still fit. Our Pack has gone with the navy if it fits(all the way to 5th grade) if that is what the family can afford. We also have some families who know their scout will complete Cubs and will not bridge so they try to make the navy work to the end. Our Chartered Partner also has a Troop. The Troop has a uniform bank, we have been able to use tan uniforms from there if we have a scout who needs a uniform and can not afford it. We have also had anonymous donors that have helped with uniform costs on occasion.


The note about the “rolling change” sure is confusing. I thought that by allowing our kids to wear blue in 4th grade last year we were already stretching the rules, but that makes it sound like there’s a lot of flexibility still.
I hope they ARE saying they’re going back to endorsing blue for 4th grade because if a cub takes the whole year to earn Bear and receives it at the same meeting where they move up to the Webelos den, then that patch can go straight into the shoebox of memorabilia without ever touching a shirt - there’s nowhere to put it on tan.
I’ve wondered whether the intent all along was that the uniform should change when the rank of Webelos was earned, not when kids began working on the rank. At the troop level, you would refer to scouts as being the highest rank you earned, wouldn’t you? It often seems like decisions are made without understanding the differences between cub scouts and troop-level Scouts BSA, so it wouldn’t surprise me if that was what happened here.
Unless someone is joining for the first time at the 4th grade level, it seems easier financially, too, to ask parents to pay registration and dues in Sept, new shirt in Jan/Feb.

I’ve grabbed a couple of shirts on ebay, too, to begin building a uniform bank of our own.

This is interesting as the change to Tan for all Webelos was made in 2018. (see last line of the article)

A few points to keep in mind;
The Uniform is only one method of Scouting.
We are all supposed to be Gate Openers not Gate Keepers.
A Scout is Obedient, so we should be upholding the uniform standards as well as possible.
Cub Scouting is Do Your Best.
It is better to have a Scout out of uniform Scouting than in any condition not Scouting.

They all do look good in Tan though!

One trick for rank for anyone going Tan right after earning Bear and not getting to wear it; Getting the oval rank velcro on the shirt and using one of the plastic diamond rank button hangers (not actualy authorized for uniform wear, but sold in the Scout Shop…) with velcro on the back to keep it from flapping around is a nice temporary display solution.

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And to build on what was already posted, here’s a video on the change to all tan in 2018

3:30 mark

National reversed something that couldn’t be any more clear and made things confusing

As for the patches - remember that none of the rank patches from the blue uniform go on the tan uniform. Most kids in our pack start with a uniform that is too big, and when ready from Webelos they are getting snug. As for any change from National - I can only guess what they might be thinking. Sometimes the best thing is for them to find other things to concern themselves with.

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The diamond Bobcat can be worn, temporarily, if the Scout is new as a 4th/5th grader.

Uniforming is a mess.
Lions should wear the same shirt. That would be one size of shirt K-1 and a second size 2-3. So many parents already buy two blue shirts over three years so why does it need to be three with a Lion shirt?

Webelos tan should be formally what you buy when you outgrow blue. The timing would make sense with buying a second shirt in 2nd grade for most kids. They’re just about to outgrow a shirt after two years and will be ready for new in summer.

Then they get two years out of that shirt so if they bridge up they get a new shirt then big enough to get them close to 7th grade.

A Scout is Thrifty but national seems to forget this every time they add something to buy.

I told all my parents to buy the blue uniform big enough for their kid to swim in as Tigers. As we approached becoming Webelos I had a parent meeting because I really wanted them to be uniform. Most were wearing shirts that were already tight and parents all thought getting tan shirts just made sense. We also again bought shirts much too large. Unfortunately even at that my son was in need of a shirt shortly after going to Scouts.

Honestly, I think they should just leave it alone. Let those who want (or can get) another year out of the blue shirt do so. If any change is to be made, let the Lions wear a t-shirt, and give the Tigers an option of t-shirt or the blue shirt.

I would still tell Webelos parents to buy a tent of a Tan Shirt - to last Scouts a few years into a troop


That’s what we did in our Pack – for most of the kids, buying a 1st grader a large blue shirt got them up to 4th or 5th grade, and then the next shirt they bought was the tan one. Worked fine for the most part, and between our Pack and our brother Troop, we always had some extra shirts that had been outgrown for kids that grew faster than their parent’s expected.

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As I stated above I bought a navy large or xl for my son when he was going into 1st grade. At the end of 3rd grade I bought him a Men’s Medium Tan shirt. He was swimming in it for a couple years. He wore that shirt through all his ranks including Eagle, when he was inducted to the OA and was called out for Vigil Honors and through his year as an OA Chapter Chief. I definitely got my $ worth! He still wears it, his godmother did buy him a Men’s large one year for Christmas. He took that along to NOAC in 2018.
He has had some great experiences in Scouts! We were happy to have him in a proper uniform and happy to have saved some money along the way:)

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