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Webelos uniform

As we wrap up another program year and prepare to promote dens to the next rank, the topic of Webelos uniforms has come up.

According to an older post (Webelos uniform change for 2021-22?), in the 21-22 program year, 1st year Webelos were switching back to the blue uniform. I can’t find any official information anywhere concerning this change.

Could someone provide information about the current uniform policy and any upcoming changes? I am not looking for discussions on best practices, or what your unit does; I am just looking to see what BSA National is prescribing/planning.

Thank you.

As you noted, This: The Webelos uniform is going through a rolling change where fourth grade Webelos wear the blue uniform and fifth graders wear the tan uniform. This change will become official for the start of the 2021-22 program year.

The Webelos belt is going through a rolling change from navy-blue web belt with Webelos buckle to green web belt with BSA buckle Either is acceptable.

Was on this page:
Cub Scout Uniform | Boy Scouts of America last September.

It was referenced and discussed here: Webelos uniform change for 2021-22?

It now appears that language has been changed.

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@Christopher.Schuster That’s same info that I had, and as you mentioned, the language has since changed. The 2021-2022 program year starts in 20 days and I was hoping that there’d be some guidance out there.

Good thing someone happened on to the change, and then someone (you) happened upon the change back.

Happening upon changes always seems to be the status quo with BSA.

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whelp - it would have been nice if the shirt sellers knew this information. A bunch of our soon to be webelos will be wearing the tan shirt since one of the community stores came across a bunch of the old style logo shirts and put them on sale to make room for the new logo shirts and our Bear parents bought them up since the blue shirts for the fall were bursting off the scouts.
We even had a new Bear join last week and went to the council store where they were advised to buy the tan since the child would only be a couple months in the blue.

I’m sure that there will be plenty of mixed shirt dens just like when they changed Wolf from yellow to red accessories. As long as they have a uniform that should be fine.

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It is Cubs - have them wear the shirt that fits - if uniform police come in laugh in their face and kick them out - BUT have fun doing it


That is the practical solution, but I’m looking for what is BSA’s guidance. We had several parents actually ask and I am trying to locate an answer for them.

I did find this:

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Yeah - I agree with some of the above here. If the Scout has outgrown the blue heading into Webelos I, go to the tan.
A Scout is ‘thrifty’.
The two gripes I have with the transition into the tans are this; all adventure loops earned fit on the blue Cub Scout belt, but not the green belt. So once the tans are worn, the adventure loops never see the light of day.
The second gripe is the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award only fits the pocket of the blue shirt. It’s a tiny patch and doesn’t fit on the tan.

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Thank you. That’s the only thing I’ve seen so far.

My gripe is that many Scouts either never wear their Bear badge, or only for a very short period of time. I’m fine with adventure loops fading away, but I understand your point.

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@Christopher.Schuster I went looking for Mayflower Council’s earlier post from “last week”, but they must have taken it down. I was curious as to what the original guidance was.

Our pack gives all scouts the plastic badge holder when they join. If you do that you simply move that over to the tan shirt until such time as they earn their Webelos badge. That’s what we do anyways.

I’m sorry but the belt loops are the bane of my existence. I wish they would make a blue sash and give out badges similar to merit badges. This could be worn all the way through arrow of light.


According to this:

They can wear the blue belt with the green pants.


Come next month, that guidance will be out of date by three program years. BSA really needs to keep its documentation up to date.

Agree. We didn’t sew anything on the tan shirt for my son that won’t roll over to BSA. So he was a bit sad about not wearing things that he could still be in AOL. But it doesn’t make sense to sew things on for less than a year of wear. I really wish they would stick to blue all the way through so they could start with a fresh and well fitting shirt for Scouts. I also feel bad for the kids not crossing over to a troop because the new uniform is for a few months of wear.

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I do not wish to stick with blue. I like the idea of “buy a blue shirt as big as you can” and “When you grow out of the blue, switch to tan. If you still fit in your blue by the end of Cubs, switch to tan first thing in Scouts BSA.” This would be a very flexible setup for families and stops them from having to ever buy a second blue shirt.


Where do I submit for this to be the patch setup? Ha.


And some of the tan shirts don’t have a button to use the plastic badge holder. I mean you can sew a button on the pocket flap, but most parents wouldn’t.

Every tan shirt that I have bought comes with a button on the pocket flap. It’s just sewn underneath.

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