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Webelos World Conservation Award update?

With the Adventures in Science elective adventure being retired May 2022, has anyone seen info on if the Webelos WCA requirements will be updated to NOT include completion of the Adventures in Science requirements? 4th grade Webelos can not earn the award outright during 4th grade as the Building a Better World adventure is a 5th grade Webelos/AOL required adventure. They would be earning the award in the 2022-2023 program year and Adventures in Science will not be an option then. Do we complete Adventure in Science this year and hope they meet any updated requirements?

Webelos are not quite the same as other grade/rank level dens. There is not a separate Arrow of Light den.

As far as I know, there is no restriction on 4th grade Webelos working on the AoL required adventures, unless that changed after I was last a Webelos DL. They just can’t earn AoL until they’ve been active in the den 6 months since completing 4th grade or since becoming 10 years old. Otherwise, a Webelos who finished all of the elective adventures prior to becoming eligible to earn the AoL would be unable to ever earn the AoL.

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@CharleyHamilton is correct. And, there’s nothing in the Guide to Advancement that prohibits fourth grade youth from working on AOL adventures. Here’s the section covering Webelos and Arrow of Light.

Also @CharleyHamilton you are correct about there not being separate Webelos and AOL dens but interestingly enough there are AOL den leaders:

The Webelos and Arrow of Light den leaders

Unless, that’s the new title of one den position of den leader.

At this point it is after June 1st, so whether a scout has completed the school year or not, they can start working on the next rank requirements. And if a scout is going to Day Camp the scout will be working on requirements for the next rank.

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