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Website Recommendation

Our troop has used Scoutlander and Troopmaster and ScoutBook. So our advancement is in Scoutbook now but we need a website for general purposes–something for potential recruits to look at and as a way for our scouts to interact with each other.

Are there some WYSIWYG sites that work well for this?

Our troop uses a Google website. I don’t know how WYSIWYG you need it to be. I don’t personally maintain it, but I don’t know how HTML-skilled our typical webmasters have been. I’m betting not substantially better than my skills, and I would hardly qualify as an HTML programmer.

@ELIZABETHNOTTINGHAM - to echo what Charlie has posted, our scout units are on google sites starting with classic and now onto the new site platform. You can see the all from scouting33.org and determine if it is a good fit. Each of our units has its own gmail account from which the web site originate.

We have really liked GoDaddy. We have our own domain and a limited number of email addresses and an unlimited number of forwards (to whomever holds a role currently).


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