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What counts as active for AOL?

I have a Scout that has been a member since he was a Tiger.

However, this year has come to 1 meeting out of 9 that were scheduled. More specifically, he missed the meetings where the Den choose their Patrol leaders, flag, etc and everything that came after.

He does plan on going on the camping trip with the BSA Troop we have planned next week.

I’m not sure whether or not I can legitimately check off the “practice the Patrol method for a month” and “Been active for 6 months” sections for his AOL.

What are others opinions on this?

I think Den Leader needs to have a conversation with the Scout/Parents

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The standard for Cub Scouts is “Do Your Best”.

I would recommend talking with the Scout and his parents and finding out why he was absent. Sometimes there are conflicts with sports, band, family vacations, etc. Also, depending on which came first (completing the 4th grade or 10th birthday), he might have a total of 6 months active tenure, even though he missed some meetings.

As for practicing the patrol method for one month, give him an opportunity to make it up somehow. Are the Scouts still practicing the patrol method? Maybe they could hold another election. Because the den developed a patrol name, emblem, patrol flag, and yell when he was not there, then I would go with the fact that the den already has one. He still needs to know what they are and be able to do the “Explain…” part of the requirement.


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