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What counts as cub camping?

How do you all count cub camping nights?
We have traditionally counted just the pack campout, Webelos/AOL campouts, council run camp-ins (museums/battleship cove/ballgames) and BSA run summer camp.

We have a parent adding in everytime they take the family camper out for a weekend or week trip. Is it ok to say only unit/council events count - even the covid virtual campouts?

@LianneRutty - this may provide some guidance

The Camping Log - just like in the book - is a personal log - as opposed to official record

We only count camping that is done “under the auspices of the BSA. So yes to any pack, den (Webelos), district, council, and national events. We would count indoor and outdoor. For indoor, we would name it “Campout (Cabin)”. All else would not be included.

Technically for cubs advancement it lists camping with your family as fulfilling the requirement. Now if the requirement states specifically day or resident camp then that is what you should go by (outdoor activity award). As for the camping log cub scout nights don’t really do anything for the scout.

If you feel like you want to talk to them about it then it is up to you, but personally I don’t see where it is hurting anything in cubs. Might be a different story when they bridge to Scouts BSA.

And always remember the cub scout motto is do your best.

Cub Scout nights of camping can (if they otherwise meet the requirements) be included as part of the BSA’s National Outdoor Awards for older Scouts.

“Under the auspices” is pretty broad:

Bryan on Scouting: Interpreting ‘under the auspices’ in National Outdoor Awards requirements

A “BSA unit activity” may include some individual efforts not part of the group: e.g., a pre-conditioning exercise where all unit members commit to and actually ride their bikes X miles a week prior to a big troop bike ride. It is not meant to include activities that the Scout undertakes that are unrelated to Scouting — e.g., family or church group camping, running as part of the school cross-country team, etc.

In some cases, an individual Scout could work toward a Scouting award and that could be counted at the discretion of the Scoutmaster. Such periods of time should be relatively short and focused on the award in question.

If the Cub Scout’s camping is related to earning a particular Cub Scout rank, adventure, or award, then I would include that in the camping log title and / or notes.

If the camping is just family camping and is unrelated to camping, then I would keep it in the logs, but add a note stating that it is personal / family camping and unrelated to Scouting.

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they are just adding it to scoutbook? Thats fine. Let them. No harm. Once they cross to a troup you can explain the difference. the goal is to get kids outside. goal achieved.


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