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What district/council events would you like to see to support your pack program?

I’ll get the ball rolling. These are the most common things but your council may have something different and more interesting.
Councils often or generally offer,

spring/fall family camp weekends,
summer day camp, cub/Webelos weekends,
pinewood/regatta/space derbies,
Pow Wow training,
University of Scouting Training,
Den Chief Training,
Discount Tickets for local sporting events,
Flyers, posters, banners and other roundup/recruiting materials
Scout Show
Day event/activity in a local park

Please add any special things your council/district does and perhaps comment on the 2 or 3 things that you think are most important.

For me, the most valuable are any event or activity with family involvement, especially summertime camping followed by roundup/recruiting support and Pow Wow Training…

In addition to most of the above, our Council also does:
Shooting Sports Day
Bike Rodeo/Recruitment Event
Cubmobile Race
Lion/Tiger Fun Day

I found that Shooting Sports Day is highly successful as well as cub/parent weekends in our area.
When it comes to the most important, it’s hard for me to narrow it down but I would have to say having events available year round, followed by Roundtables, and Leader Training such as University of Scouting

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Our council does have a shooting sports team of volunteers and units can rent the range and equipment at camp for their own ‘event’. The Lion/Tiger fun day sounds like a winner. Of course we have Roundtables so my list was incomplete… Thanks for the input…

One of the local quarries hosted a mining and geology day, which was largely aimed at the (now) Scouts BSA program age group, although it had components that were of interest to younger scouts. However, I could totally see hands-on programs like this (facilitated by the council/district in cooperation with local companies) being a ton of fun for the scouts. I can only imagine the look on the scouts’ faces if they got to see construction equipment doing excavation work.

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Great idea! Also, perhaps an Armed Forces day with a visit to Air National Guard, National Guard Armory or other Military Facility. Touring local museums, Zoos, Science Centers and the like would be great too! This got me to put on my thinking cap and I’ve come up with 25 things for Cubs/Scouts and Venture units that the District/Council could support. Some with just a phone call and PR.

Just thought about the Young Eagle Chapters around the country that offer 20 minute flights for kids as a service and to introduce young people to flying private aircraft. Your district might be able to get a local chapter to do a program for your scouts.

I haven’t looked into it in much detail, but I thought that there were some pretty significant restrictions on flight activities (maybe limited to tethered balloons?) for Cubs. It probably says somewhere in the latest Guide to Safe Scouting.

The Young Eagles fly youth ages 8 to 18. Here is the BSA form for consent: https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/19-673.pdf

Looks like the relevant document is the BSA Flying Plan: https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/680-672(17)FlyPlanFillable.pdf

Turns out my recollection was incorrect regarding Cubs not being able to do anything but tethered balloons, but there are some pretty significant restrictions on the pilot qualifications in the Flying Plan, as well as restrictions on what type of aircraft can be used in the G2SS: Activity Planning and Risk Assessment | Boy Scouts of America.

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I’m working on a STEM/Nova lock in at our local science museum for next winter. Our Council/District has no “camping” opportunities for Cubs in the winter.

Will the district or museum provide the programming and food? A lock-in type situation is an interesting short term camp question.

Museum provides programming. They’ve done presentations at several day events and it’s always popular. My vision is for several Nova awards and/or adventure options after breakfast, based on den level/interests. Food is TBD, likely something like pizza for dinner, donuts for breakfast.

I’ll be taking the NCAP training later this year, so I’m sure I’ll get those logistics figured out.

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With them doing the programming and ordering out food, it probably isn’t a short term camp.

It can be crazy, though. An OA lodge training at a camp, in a cabin, is a short term camp like a camporee.

In case they’re useful, the BSA NCAP standards are here: National Camp Accreditation Program | Boy Scouts of America

FYI, on the food front, we’ve been told that our menus for OA Ordeals have to be reviewed by a dietitian. Not sure if that’s a state rule or not, but scuttlebutt says it’s NCAP-related.

Best to clear it with your local council

NCAP for 2022 removed the requirement for dietitian review.

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20 years ago I was having our camp menu reviewed by a dietitian and she told me they were fine but even if a meal here or there wasn’t that a week unbalanced didn’t make any real difference if a kid was eating properly at home and wouldn’t change things if he wasn’t. Especially true for cub/family weekend camps. Of course, common sense and government regulations don’t often have a lot in common.

Putting together some ideas from posts here, a couple of other sites and our own areas/councils resources. I thought I would share this list as a possible assist to other volunteers in expanding activities/program opportunities to keep families/kids interested and involved and attract new members. I hope a few of you find a new/fresh idea or two to use.
Possible events/field trips/council-district-unit

Sunshine Horses, horse rescue in Clay, NY

Tour at the Air National Guard and the National Guard Armory

Watercraft Armada Day at Onondaga Yacht Club

Baseball Outing, Hockey game: arrange low cost admission

SU Sports

Zoo Experience

MOST Science Center Experience

PRI, Museum of the Earth

Jamesville Quarry

Lion/Tiger fun day

Cub Fun Day/Shooting Sports Day

Spring Family Camp and day events

Spring Roundup/recruiting events

Open swim and boating at Kibbie Lake, Camp Woodland

District Wide Service Project
Suggestion: Food/supply and bottle/can drive for the CNYSPCA

Arrange a free admission day at the State Fair for Scout Families (one member must be in uniform)

Troop Cookoff Contest

Photo Contest: Adult/Cub and Scout categories

Pinewood Derby with special design awards

Rocket/space/regatta events

Distinguished Conservation Award Class/orientation for Scouts, School of Forestry

Merit Badge Clinics

Shooting Sports Award program for Venturers (Get Dicks to sponsor it?) Week long or 3 weekends…

Erie Canal Trek: Hike, Bike, Boat… Do we still have a sea ship?


Scout Month Display Competition

Klondike Events: Cub and Scout

Woodworking day, make bird houses/feeders, tool totes, stools…. Free pallet lumber

Young Eagles small plane Flight Experience

Earth Day, Arbor Day…Community festivals, parades, celebrations


Fossil/Mineral geological hunting fieldtrips

Adult Functions/Events, Recognition Dinners, Pow Wow, Institutes of Scouting, Baloo, SM outdoor trng, etc…

Trade o Ree, Order of the Arrow events, Museum Events

Movie Nights/refreshments, dining hall or outdoors at camp or parks

Council Wide Religious Awards presentation/re-presentation multi faith…


Ice Cream Social/Dances

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