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What Happen to Camping Log & Service Hours in ScoutBook

I’ve been using Scoutbook for awhile now for two of my scouts. In particular, I’ve been using the camping log and service hour logs to document their camping and service hours activities. Sometime this year, Scoutbook decided to move these two features over to scoutbook.scouting.org. The problem is, not all of the data transferred over and I’ve lost all of the camping log and service hours for my younger scouts. I’ve also lost some dates for my older scouts. How do I get this information back? I don’t want to have to recreate these lost logs based on emails from to years ago. Can a system admin at scoutbook please get in touch with me to help me recover data that you’ve lost! Thought Scoutbook was a good platform but now I have my doubts!


Just to confirm, you are turning on the “individual activities” when you run an activity report in IA2, correct?

A unit admin can download the “old” activity logs from Scoutbook under My Dashboard -> My Units -> Export/Backup

My understanding is that there is individual data and/or unit group data being recorded, depending upon what type of activity is being recorded, Which is why Charley asked

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I’m trying to log individual service hours for some of my scouts. I can’t even figure out how to add hours to my own son’s record. I am the advancement chair for the troop. The directions said I should select create or join. I do not have that option. I’m including a screen shot of the BSA instructions. Then a screen shot of what I see.

Can the troop enter individual service projects or do scout need to do that themselves? In other words, does the troop ONLY enter troop service projects and individuals enter individual service projects?

Teri - it is probably easier if the Scout/Family enter personal ones to limit work load on one user

On the screen difference - the one with no Create or Join - you are viewing it as a leader. The other one is parent/Scout view never noticed difference but will check on it

Teri, you can do it either way. The troop can enter them or the Scout can enter them. Either way is fine.

I have found the transition of the logs to the new platform cumbersome for both data entry and having to go into two different platforms now for not only recording but verifying for rank advancement.

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I agree. Another issue I have noticed is erroneous/ incorrect data after the information pulled over from ScoutBook. There is no way to correct the incorrect logs pulled over into AI. I have a scout who has amazingly logged 57 nights of camping in one week and I have no way to edit the incorrect information.

I’m trying to transfer activity hours. I keep getting an error and this message: Advancement import file must be a pipe-delimited text file.

I have saved the document as a text file (numerous .txt options - I’ve tried them all) and I have used | as the delimiter.

Anyone have any success and can give me hints?

@JulieAdams The import file option in IA 2.0 is only for advancement. An ability to import a file for the new activity logs has not been added yet.

I have this same problem. Logged camping, hiking and service for my Scouts using Scoutbook, but trying to get them to take over this activity. To do so they needed to create a my.scouting account and sync it with their Scoutbook record. Now all of their camping, hiking and service logs are gone.
Why do Scouts need to sign up with my.scouting, which is a site geared primarily towards adult leaders? Why is a new ID number generated when they already have a Scoutbook account? Interaction between these two systems needs to be greatly improved.

I 100% agree. I can not even pull the reports I need for the activity logs. They need to regroup and put it back the way it was. I don’t feel I have to have three tabs open to enter activities in for Scouts. Can it just be Scoutbook, not Scoutbook, and internet advancements?

The BSA has apparently already made the decision to migrate from the Scoutbook interface to the IA2 interface in the long run. Our best bet as users, as far as I can divine from reading tea leaves, is to try to influence the development of the IA2 interface going forward. Right now I find it nearly-unusably opaque. I tried showing it to a couple of my scouts on the hypothesis that they might be more in tune with where the UI/UX developers are going than the “Get off my lawn!” crowd like me. The scouts had some fairly uncharitable things to say about the UI/UX.

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I am going to add to this and realize I am late to do so but why can’t the logs stay in SB? So much easier to access!! Just my opinion

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