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What improvements would you like to see from the council/national professionals?

I suppose that could be rephrased as ‘Are you satisfied with the professional services you and your unit receive?’ I was a professional for 30 years, the first 6 were following college, then I was a volunteer for 8 and when I came back in it was with a different attitude. I knew what I had wanted/needed from my professional and let him know and generally got it but found that mostly I needed to ask. That included to some degree the district volunteer staff too. My 2nd time around I was more ‘in tune’ with unit leaders and tried to ‘touch base’ with them at least monthly by phone or personal visit. As volunteers, do you have enough interaction with your execs? Are they as helpful and supportive as you need? What would you like to see done differently? Don’t make this just a gripe session… looking for positive suggestions that can be implemented to strengthen the units and districts.

This might also be an opportunity to give some positives by saying how great your execs are and how well they manage the district and support your program… don’t be shy with praise either. I expect district volunteer staff can chime in on this as well.

I love our pros. But they have so many tasks that they can’t keep up. The paper-chase is immense. That said, anybody who is cheerful in their job is welcome at my campsite!


They generally do very good work but I think they should improve digital tools and get requirements out on time (unlike diversity badge)


The MB task force has a routine schedule, IMHO any newly propose MB should be on that schedule.

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