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What is a Council Scoutbook Champion

I was contacted today by my Council Advancement Chair, and asked, "Who is our Council Scoutbook Champion? I have not heard that term or role before. I am one of my Council Scoutbook Admins (to allow upload of the merit badge counselor CSV data) Is this Council Scoutbook Champion a real role?
If yes, what feature or access does it provide? If yes, how does a Council grant this role to a person or persons?

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@GanttEdmiston - There is no role assignment within scoutbook but rather it is an individual that others can go to for help and or advice. They would also be folks that get units involved in using scoutbook.

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@WilliamNelson would know if your Council had one

The Scoutbook champions are focal points for their council with Scoutbook. They have monthly meetings and a mailing list where they get information and assistance in supporting their council in Scoutbook. The purpose is to have a manageable pool of volunteer Scouters (one in each of the 250 or so councils) that can train and communicate with others in their council to support Scoutbook. Each council can appoint one volunteer and one professional. To do so, the Scout Executive sends an email to with the contact information.


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