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What is everyone doing for websites/payments?


I am curious as to what other packs/troops are doing in regards to websites, payments, etc… We have been using SOAR but we have hit some limitations and were considering moving to a content management system (i.e. Wix, Squarespace, etc…) with an eCommerce functionality. We are looking for a better way to accept payments, keep track of payments and correlate the payment to the event in question. Things like camping trips, field trips, registration, fundraising, etc…

I know Scoutbook has a payment log, but it appears to still be in it’s infancy and is very manual. So i was wondering what everyone one else is doing that is not spreadsheets.


If your council has implemented it, there is an online registration system for new members joining the unit. I have not looked at internet rechartering so I do not know how if individual online payments can be accepted by that system.

I will add that there are guidelines in the the BSA Brand Center for web sites and social media. The color palette and images are under the ownership BSA.

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As an alternative to SOAR have you ever considered TroopWebHost? They offer a Cub Scout as well as a Boy Scout verion of the software.

TroopWebHost includes home page, custom pages, membership, calendar, advancement, communications, tracks training, library/equipment management, accounting (both for the Unit and individual accounts for members - Allow for tracking of all expenses and correlaition to events), forums, surveys, fundraiser management and PayPal integration. It is highly configurable, allowing you to customize many aspects of the site to your Units’s specific needs. Every month they release one or more significant improvements to the software, which is announced in a monthly newsletter.

Link to TroopWebHostCS (Cub Scouts) -->
Link to full demo site for TroopWebHostCS (Cub Scouts) -->

Link to TroopWebHost (Boy Scouts) -->
Link to full demo site for TroopWebHost (Boy Scouts) -->

Forgot to mention TroopWebHost offers intergration to Scoutbook via IA2 (Internet Advancement) so no need to track awards in both systems.

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