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What is v2019?

I was trying to use Quick Entry and am seeing that some of our scouts have v2019 after their names and can’t be updated together with the others.
What is this? Did requirements change again last year? Why are some of our scouts in one group and some in another?

There was a minor change in 2019 that allows the Protect Yourself Rules Adventure to be earned in place of the cyber Chip. It also removed the hotlinking to the cyber Chip which incorrectly gave credit for a cyber Chip earned in a previous year. Note: you will need to manually apply credit for the active participation, pamphlet exercise, and cyber Chip requirements if already complete at the time you switch to v2019.

To check or change the version number go to the scout’s page > scout’s advancement > the rank. Look at the top, and click the version you want.

Thanks! Does it matter if we switch to v2019 or not? Some of our dens are already 2019, others are 2016 except the new kids. Will it cause any trouble if I take the easier route and switch the one or two 2019 in our older dens backward to match the rest of their dens?

If you are comfortable that no one is getting credit for cyber Chip from a prior year, and no one is using Protect Yourself Rules in place of Cyber Chip, there wouldn’t be much reason to change.

I just want to make it consistent within the dens since Quick Entry can only work with one set of requirements at a time!
Most of our kids who are still on 2016 are Webelos, so prior year Cyber Chip was the grade 1-3 award anyway so doesn’t show up on a Webelos report.

That makes sense to me.

When I last visited this subject, the national Cub Scout committee was working on it, because interplay among the wording of the rank requirements, the one-year expiation date of the Cyber Chip and general advancement principles of not removing credit for things a Scouts has already done and had signed off created multiple possible ways to understand the Cyber Chip requirement. These were

  1. If the Scout has completed the Cyber Chip appropriate for his or her grade, then the Cyber Chip requirement for rank advancement should be regarded as completed, even if it was expired before the Scout started working on the current rank, because the requirement says to complete the Cyber Chip for your grade, and it does not say to hold an unexpired Cyber Chip for your grade. This completely protects the Scout from not losing credit for anything already done and signed off. As discussed in detail under #2, if this is the way it is supposed to work, why does the Cyber Chip expire?
  2. A Scout who completed Cyber Chip during the previous program year and, therefore, has an unexpired Cyber Chip on the first day of the current program year should be regarded as having completed the requirement. The logic problem here is that this makes the one-year expiration of the Cyber Chip almost completely meaningless. Why does it expire, if that doesn’t affect anything other than allowing the Scout to recharge? And then, what is the point of recharging other than to earn the pin?
  3. Since the Cyber Chip expires, it must be current at the time the Scout has completed all other requirements for the current rank. Thus, a Scout who earned Cyber Chip as a Tiger on January 10, 2019, could use that to advance to Wolf, if all other Wolf requirements were completed by January 10, 2020. Otherwise, the Scout would need to recharge the Cyber Chip to earn the Wolf rank.
  4. Since Scouts cannot work ahead on other ranks, the Cyber Chip must be completed in the current program year to be counted for the current rank, even if the Scout holds an unexpired Cyber Chip from the previous program year.

I’ve presented these as if Protect Yourself Rules did not exist, because it takes far fewer words.

Has there been something authoritative to tell us how the Cyber Chip Cub Scout rank advancement requirements are to be administered? Since Webelos must do the fourth grade version, it only affects them if they complete their arrow of Light requirements more than one year after they completed the Cyber Chip as fourth-grade Webelos. However, this impacts Wolves and Bears in a significant way.

As a Cubmaster, I’ve been administering it in my pack following the third interpretation. I’d like to do it the way the Cub Scout committee intends.

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