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What privileges are needed in order to edit parents' Health Forms dates?

Hi - I am the health forms coordinator for our troop, and I have every privilege our troop’s “Scoutbook person” could think of (troop admin, parent coordinator, committee member, patrol admin for all patrols) but I am not able to add health forms dates for parents who are not designated leaders.

Is there a specific admin setting that would give me “edit profile” privileges for all parents in our troop? It would be a huge help.

Thank you,
Debbie Lindes

Troop admin does give you edit profile permissions for the parents. Click their name and then edit profile. The health form dates are there. If not, please describe how you are trying to access it and what you are seeing.

Hi Jacob -

Thanks for your response! I looked again at some parents in my troop and yes, I can edit them! The way it displays (see screenshot below) had me confused - the “edit profile” button is easy to miss, whereas the permissions section below it is prominently grayed out, giving me the impression I didn’t have permission to edit the profile. None of this looks the way it looks for the scouts or for leaders. Now that I know, I will go about entering our adults’ health forms data in Scoutbook which will be a huge help for our record-keeping.

Thanks again for getting me on track,
Debbie Lindes

Yeah, the permissions are relative to the scout that you went through to get to the parent profile. They are greyed out because parents have automatic full parental control.

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