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What to do with Inactive Scouts sitting in an Inactive Den?

I have taken the advice on here over the years, and created a “Webelos Den 99 - Inactive Scouts”, to which our Pack moves scouts who stop coming, move away, etc. My question is what do I do now with all the inactive scouts I have accumulated in this den over the years? I have many who never returned, only earned a few belt loops, and even if they returned now they would be at the Troop level. I know not to delete the scout’s account. Do you just disconnect leaders from the scouts? Do you save a record of their advancements? I am trying to clean things up a little, and only keep scouts in this den where there is a chance they could return! Just curious what everyone else is doing.

The database record continues to exist as long as you don’t “delete” the scout’s record.

For all of the “really gone” scouts, I would:

  1. Remove all non-Parent non-Admin connections to the scouts.
  2. Put an end date on their pack membership.

For scouts who might return, but have been gone a while, I would probably:

  1. Create a PDF of their Individual Advancement Report (Cub Scout Advancement Report? Can’t recall the report name just now.) to store somewhere for the unit,.
  2. Remove all non-Parent non-Admin connections.
  3. Put an end date on the scout’s unit membership.

Generally, I’ve stopped “retaining” scouts in a temp patrol/den, since the BSA added the ability to “Transfer in Scout” using their BSA ID and other identifying information. Particularly after we’ve rechartered since the last time the scout was active. Ending the memberships also likely helps prevent other issues (e.g. unintended membership in both a troop and pack) that can have other consequences down the road.

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Scouts who transfer from a pack to a troop should have their Scoutbook account transferred to the troop. To do this, you go to the Scout’s Membership page, end the Scout’s current membership with the pack, stay on the Scout’s Membership page, and add a new membership with the troop.

Disapproving a Scout’s Membership (position approved checkbox) will cause other functions (such as the membership update) to skip over unapproved Scouts.

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