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What's Up with Protect Yourself Rules

Curious if anyone has information regarding updates to the Protect Yourself Rules preview adventure. In particular, the pins for Webelos/AOL scouts (Scoutshop SKU 653309) have been unavailable for months from both Scoutshop.org and my local scout shop. The listing on Scoutshop for the pin has it titled as “Personal Safety”, so I’m wondering if there is a requirement change somewhere that I am unaware of.

There are no changes that I’m aware of. I’ve heard it said that since they were preview adventures with no baseline for how many would be earned, they ordered conservatively so as not to get stuck with more than they need.

That makes sense. Hopefully, they will manufacture more (& hopefully without lead :wink: ) But the name change on Scoutshop is curious, why change it unless it is a precursor of other changes coming down the road?

Strictly speculating, but it might be that they’re changing the name since they’re moving it from a “preview” adventure to a “regular” one. Personal Safety is a lot more consistent with typical BSA advancement nomenclature than “Protect Yourself Rules” was.


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