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When I assigned scouts to patrols I lost my connection to them even though I had connection at the troop level with full control

When I assigned my scouts to the patrols why do they have to give connection permission again. Once it is granted to a full control to an administrator why does it have to be granted again? Is there a way to move back out of the patrols to the troop level so that full access can be regained.

Give us step by step of what you did please - including starting status - literally 1,2,3

I assigned the scouts to their patrol.
I sent the invites to them to join the patrol
I went to look at the scouts to do advancement but got a message that I was not connected to them.
Some of them responded and I got connection
I tried to resend an invite to 3 remaining ones
Checked and they no longer show up in the patrol or troop but I still am connected to them under admin/my account/my connections

How did you assign the scouts to their patrol?

Were the Scouts already on your Troop Roster in Scoutbook? Did you go to the patrol page and use the “Reassign Scout(s)” button? Are you a Troop Admin?


Set the patrols up.

Used the assign to patrol the patrol widow.

Sent invite email to join patrol. Did not see instructions to just to by pass invite. Would have been better if it was before the invite instructions.

Lost visiblity after they appeared in the patrol


James - I have moved scouts around in the troop and pack for years now and never experienced a loss of connections. I would offer to run a remote session to take a look. I can do that between 9am est and 5pm est. Please email during those hours Thursday.

I am tied up tomorrow. I am going to work with someone in my council that is well versed in scout book. I am just trying to get us up and running. We still have troopmaster we are working with.

Thanks for your offer.


I had the same problem

One of our ASM ran into this problem with I assigned the girls to a patrol when I first set up the girls troop. We were both troop admins. My permissions were fine. I don’t know the exact steps as I did it several months ago, but I ended up assigning the ASM as a patrol admin and she was fine.
Sorry I can’t tell you exactly what I did, but we definitely had an issue as well.

Same thing happened to me last week, after one of the ASMs assigned all our Scouts into patrols, I suddenly lost connection to all of them. After I mentioned the issue to her, she simply reset my access (she is a Key 3, as am I but I did not know how to reset myself yet).

@JamesNewell_Jr: Other than to save costs, I am curious why you are shifting from Troopmaster to Scoutbook? As I work with Scout Troops locally, I like to give them what other units are doing, and why.


We have troopmaster until 6/20. We have recently started a girls linked troop and decided to start them on Scoutbook and also to transition the boys troop to scoutbook. I believe that the integration that scout book will have with all the other software programs that scouting has will be of benefit to both units. Scoutbook is a little cumbersome right now but so was Troopmaster when we started with it many years ago. Our final decision will be made for both units when the renewal for scoutbook is due.

James - scoutbook does not have a renewal as it is free to units who wish to use it.

I am aware I was referring to Troopmaster.

Ah gotcha…got confused when you mentioned scoutbook renewal.