When is "Last_Modified" updated?

We have a handful of units that state they have been into Internet Rechartering but the “Last_Modified” date remains unchanged. Under what circumstances is that date updated? Does just entering Internet Rechartering update it? Or does it take a specific event like making a roster change, clicking a button, or finishing a step?

We are trying to figure out whether or not changes to the date can help us confirm unit activity. We have cases where a unit tell us they have been in the system and performed an action as directed without seeing an update to the date.


What it is doing and what it’s supposed to do are different things. My experience is just visiting it updates it. Thus stuff that is On Hold will show as modified even though it’s still On Hold and no changes have been made. The UI of Internet Advancement and Recharter are similar and a direct URL will go to Internet Advancement so I suspect people that aren’t paying attention are getting them confused just as they confuse it all with Scoutbook too.