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"when you upgrade to a connectedFAMILY plan, you can invite the merit badge counselor that is qualified for the specific merit badge

I’m seeking help for my son’s Scoutbook. I’m unable to add or search for a merit badge counselor. After clicking on “start a merit badge”, it says "When you upgrade to a connectedFAMILY plan, you can invite the merit badge counselor to connect on Scoutbook to review and approve xxxxxxx’s work on this merit badge.’

I pm’d Scoutbook on Facebook messenger who told me to seek this forum and also that anything with connectedFAMILY is a bug. :woman_shrugging:

What happens when you click the big red start a merit badge button on that page?

@KristiInabnett I think that your parent connection to your son might need to be reset.

You might be able to reset it yourself by going to your son’s main page in Scoutbook, click on your name, make sure the “Parent/Guardian” box is checked, and then Update.

If that doesn’t work, you might need to ask a Troop Admin to reset your parent connection.

I believe this page shows for every Scout/parent the first time they start a merit badge and until they click on “Got it.” The ConnectedFamily part seems to be a holdover from before BSA acquired Scoutbook.

I think that as a parent/Scout, you will never be able to search for a merit badge counselor - that is up to a unit leader to provide a counselor for your Scout to contact.

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You really want your scout going to a unit leader to find counselors for a badge he/she is interested in.

  • The scoutmaster should be giving the scout a blue card and suggesting a counselor anyway.
  • A buddy of his might also be taking he same badge, and if he SM is informed, they can be connected.
  • Some counselors preferred by the SM don’t show up on scoutbook.

I never was opposed to scouts seeing a list of counselors for a badge. But, the fact is that such a list often doesn’t help a scout or parent very much.

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I am assuming that the Scout has already talked to the Scoutmaster about the merit badge and Merit Badge Counselor. In Scoutbook, the issue appears to be with Kristi’s parent connection to her Scout. A Troop Admin needs to reset the parent connection so that it is Full Control.

It takes me to the merit badge page but doesn’t give the option to add a MBC

Thank you! I will give it a try.

Thanks for sharing. We’ve been between troops for several months as the old SM said blue cards and MBC’s were not needed. My son was doing merit badges online with MBC’s from other councils.

Can you post a pic of the “merit badge page” it sends you to after you click “start a merit badge”?

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