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Where are the requirements for de&I badge

The BSA was supposed to release the DE&I merit badge requirements on the first but I can’t find them. I need them as our PLC has decided to do this badge at meetings starting on Tuesday. Any insights into where I can get them?

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The requirements have not been released yet.

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Didn’t they say it would be January 1st

With it being a holiday weekend I wasn’t expecting anything before next week at the earliest.

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@WilliamC, it is unusual for the MB Task Force to miss a deadline. But, it is also an unprecedented timeline for deliverables.

Did they fill out the extension paperwork properly? :joy: :joy:


It was supposed to be released on 1 January. I was told Councils have been given copies but it is not for full public release yet.

The other question is getting merit badge counselors set up for this.

You not only need the requirements, there’s the issue of the pamphlet and most importantly, a counselor. I’d suggest a new plan for Tuesday and be patient with the badge rollout.

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They announced during office hours: there will be no pamphlet. Just requirements and a list of “resources” for the MBC. They also announced at that time (November 12) that the requirements were already complete by that point.

They didn’t meet their selfimposed deadline. Nothing can happen on this until the information is released. Until then we just have to wait. That said, some sort of communication is warranted. The only information that has officially come out is now obsolete. They know everyone is waiting. Why not issue some sort of statement?

Ive heard it starts April/ May 2021

The merit badge becomes Eagle-required then, but the requirements were supposed to be released (and the merit badge optional) starting 1/1/2021.

We are going to switch to American cultures as the counselor we had for DE&I also has expertise in this topic. Since American Cultures is short, we can start DE&I when it comes out in the coming days or weeks.

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Delays in publishing the merit badge and rank requirements should not be an issue so long as the stated 120 day (1/1/2021 - 5/1/2021) lead time to the mandatory date remains intact. Days delayed in publication should not be days off the Scouts’ calendar. As in, “I have to work harder because you were late?”

How do you have a DE&I counselor already?


One of our scout’s mom is the diversity director at Costco.

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Sure, but you don’t know the requirements or the expectations yet… My Council won’t even accept names for prospective DE&I conselors until the requirements are released.

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Our council must do things differently. They asked for counselors months ago and they automatically made all American Cultures counselors Diversity merit badge counselors. We were hoping for the requirements to be released on time (1/1/21) so she would have plenty of time to prepare.

no reason to have senseless - back and worth on what councils will allow


I can only imagine what the back and forth will be based on the back and forth that’s been going on with NO requirements posted. :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face: