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Where are the requirements for de&I badge

True. The real question will be: what will NATIONAL allow. Will this be the kind of merit badge where the MBC must have a license or certification (like Scuba, rifle/shotgun)? Guide to Advancement already has that.

Will people just be able to sign up to be a MBC? Or will there be special vetting? As I said, National has mandated that for other MBs.

@WilliamsburgScouter what you “have been told” means nothing - that is speculation and will be erased from the forums - we wait for announcements from national - period.

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@DonovanMcNeil, I think you’re being overly critical. If someone’s council has a strategy, and it sounds like a good one, I’m stealing it. If someone else here gives it the “side eye”, that’s okay too, because I’ll be prepared when pitch the idea to my people.


We have also read that the counselor for the de,I mb must also have special training before a unit or council can present the badge.
There is a fair amount of unknowns at the moment but all that should be cleared up in January.

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Can you please close this topic. My question has been answered and I do not wish to start a argument.


I’m wondering how a council can register a counselor for a badge that doesn’t exist.

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