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Where did "Leader Training" go?

I used to be able to see each of my leaders on Scoutbook’s training. It is no longer there. Where do I access this now? My new leaders are not yet showing in, but I am able to pull them up on Scoutbook under the search feature and assign them to the den. At this point I can’t see what if any training they have completed. Help!

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Hi, @LisaMittleider,

Scoutbook was only ever doing a retrieval of data from my.scouting. Personally, I don’t agree with the decision, but the BSA determined that they were only going to support training reporting through my.scouting directly.

There is now a link in Scoutbook for Key 3, Key 3 delegates and individuals designated as Training Chair in the Organizational Manager at my.scouting that will link to unit training logs. It is under My Dashboard -> My Units -> Unit Reports. One option is the My.Scouting Training Manager link, which dumps you into the “pie chart” screen at my.scouting’s training manager. The Trained Leader Status report (which I personally prefer) gives you a scrollable report by leader’s name of whether or not the training for their currently registered position is complete, and if not what training remains to be taken (at least in theory). You can get to either format from the other, it’s just a matter of clicking the right series of links to switch between them at my.scouting.

It will not, as you noted, work for adults not yet on your official roster (or not in their current position on your roster). To do that, you will need their my.scouting username or BSA ID and use the Training Validation tool under Legacy Web Tools at my.scouting.

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Our Pack is in Japan composed of Active Duty Marines. Annually we have up to 50% turn over due to military moves. Council reported we had 58 scouts 1 Jan 19 over the summer we were down to 29 scouts. So not only do we have to recruit an entirely new pack every year without any help from National (other issues) but we need to train a whole new group of adult volunteers as well. Last year I was the assistant Lion Den Leader this Year I am Assistant District Committee Chair and Committee Chair for the Pack. Last year the Lion Den leader is now the Cub Master. I have seventeen adult leaders and only a handful are fully trained because they are new. The unforeseen consequences of making a poorly implemented decision have created months of grief. Like the poster above the only way to make our Pack, District and Council work is often to wear multiple hats. For example, I can see a volunteer has completed YPT and Den Leader training but I have no idea how he is doing on Assistant Cub Master training using Previously under scoutbook we could enter all the positions that we were filling and the classes listed in would match with the position and give a position trained patch near the position. Easily identifying who needed more training. It is impossible with all my other tasks to track down individuals and let them know what classes they need to take when does not even list them. Why due to control issues is National making it harder on volunteers who are the backbone of scouting?

@ScottMarbut, I am not sure I understand the correlation between program challenges of 1 team of programmers not being able to keep their system (SB) up with all the changes being made by another (ScoutingU) has to do with Control issues.

If the “poorly implemented decision” relates to turning off the incomplete training report in Scoutbook because it was no longer accurate, then you & I will have to disagree, I prefer to have accurate information in 1 place, instead of needing to go to 2 different places to get all the information.

I get what you mean about turnover in a unit. I have a Pack & Troop here made up almost entirely of Active Duty Marine families who live on base while attending or instructing at one of the schools. The Pack can have over 100 Scouts one year, and be lucky to have 35 Scouts the next. The unit leadership can go through the same turnover. This also means we almost always have leaders from those 2 units in our district training classes.

Using Training Manager (my.scouting), as the COR, I can generate a Trained Leader Report that indicates both what courses have bene completed towards the “Trained” status, and the next line indicates the remaining To Do courses to get them there. As a Unit Commissioner, I can see the same report for any unit in my district.

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@KenTodd - excellent and I thought I tried to state the very same thing months ago…

Ken, the my.scouting training reports do a good job as long as a person only has one position in a unit. If a person also covers a second position in the same unit, my.scouting has no capability to show progress toward completing training for the additional position. All training taken can be displayed, then one must manually compare what’s completed to what’s required.

I know it’s not ideal to have a person doing two positions, but it happens. Previously, Scoutbook had a way to track this, making it easy for the Training Chair. Now it is harder.


I concur and brought this up in May. Multiple hat scenario now has to be managed by a spreadsheet. Simply put: scoutbook used to do this and the need did not go away.

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What Scoutbook did was no longer accurate after the training codes were updated at the beginning of 2019. The BSA has limited development resources and decided that instead of supporting 2 different ways of saving and reporting training, it would support 1 and use the resources elsewhere. A report that is not accurate is no better and in some cases worse than no report.

We have requested additional training reports so that a leader will be able to determine what positions others are trained for and what additional courses may be needed to become trained for another position. At this time we do not know if or when the BSA will create such reports.


Riddle me this if the new YPT can be pulled from then it is not the difficulty, but rather the will or the desire to do so. Keeping this topic open in conservation may change the desire. Also, the mobile app pulls information and displays it better than My relentless commenting on this topic, along with many others who are now waking up to a new scouting season may get National to re-think their hasty decision. YPT changed all the modules in 2019 and that information is in scoutbook. Not all modules were changed only the new CS19 training to be more inclusive to girls. Irony again the new District Committee module mentions the "Boy Talk’ rather than “scout talk” when recruiting so the process will probably be revived again. The National decision (to remove adult leader training) was made over the summer when not a lot of achievements nor adult track is monitored. Yet as recharter in the fall then unit training will become very important to units.

I am CC and I have pulled the report that you speak of, but it does not seem accurate or conclusive to me, as I have unit members claim they are doing training but I do not see it being added to this report. It seems more awkward and without the graphic feedback of a trained badge indicating the training is complete. Myscouting report also lacks different positions as well. Position trained does show up in the mobile app ironically.

Unfortunately, all the power I have is only to ensure the members of my unit are properly trained.

Also begging the question we have Den Chiefs coming over from the Troop how do I confirm that their training is complete before interacting with scouts in the den?

I am Assistant District Chair, Nova councillor, Nova Mentor, Merit Badge courncillor and Committee Chair but myscouting only show information for one position in the unit. Scoutbook used to show all the positions and even if the training was completed in person or through ScoutingU.and listed all the classes. Multiply this issue times the 17 Adult Leaders in our Pack now begin to understand the complexity of knowing if the Adult is trained for the roll/rolls they are assigned. I also have a trained Den Leader that has listed correctly, but I have her working this year as a New Member Coordinator is she trained? I have no idea.

The difficulty is not in pulling the specific course but in keeping up with which courses are required to be considered fully trained. Maintaining that logic in two systems is inefficient.

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The trained leader status report from MYST provides me with trained status, mandatory training with its status and what has not been taken, classroom training and online with status and what has not been taken. That is sufficient for me as CC for the troop and k3 delegate for the Pack. I would argue that for you @ScottMarbut it is a lack of desire or will to work with what is available in MYST. I can get details of training on all leaders which also shows taken and not taken training.

Which my.Scouting tool are you using? What type of position are you referring to, registered position or functional role? My understanding is that only the Chartered Organization Representative can have two registered positions in a unit, and that is not ideal.

In the Training Manager “Trained Leader Report” I can see and sort people with multiple registered positions at the district and unit level. Getting the functional roles requires:

  • Getting all the functional roles defined
  • Getting that data entered in the membership database
    Then BSA can develop tools to use the data. However that is the subject of another discussion topic,

@DougWright, a Unit trained leader report is only going to show the status based on the position the user is registered in the unit. BSA that is the only position used for designating if a leader has earned the “Trained” status with the BSA.

I get what you are saying, as I have bene in a number of units over the years, but it is not feasible for the Scoutbook programmers to keep up with the changes in Training Manager, so they have decided it is better to point leaders to the Training Manger reports, instead of trying to keep 2 separate systems in sync.

If a leader is preparing to change positions, you can use the individual training report to determine if they have all the training to be considered “Trained” or other supplemental training.

The other thing that is missing through this consolidation is the ability to look up a person who is not a leader assigned to your unit and see their training. For instance in our pack we like our parents to have completed YPT to attend family camp outs. It is not required, but we recommend it. I used to be able to use the Training Validation link under Legacy Web Tools to look up parents in my pack to see if they have taken YPT.

Or for leaders who are taking training as they work through application process and waiting for Council to add them to our roster. For those instances I could verify training and “project manage” them through completion.

Now we have no visibility into those situations unless the parent has registered and been added to our roster.

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The decision to retire the Scoutbook Trained Leader Report and use the reports was made and announced early this year. The implementation was completed over the summer.

We have requested the ability to produce other training reports than those currently available. This is in the development backlog but at this time we do not know when it will be scheduled.

The reason Scoutbook can continue to import YPT despite the new online modules is Y01 is still recorded in Training Manager as the training code when YPT is complete. Scoutbook did not need to make any changes when YPT changed. Position training for other positions were assigned new training codes, have more than a single code that are needed to be trained and are not stable.

The way Scoutbook used to import training was to do a screen scrape of the legacy Training Validation screens. These screen scrapes too a lot of developer time to keep up with the training changes. The BSA decided it was better to put the limited development resources ($) into other Scoutbook features and use the reports that already existed in

Corrected typo. The training code for YPT is Y01.

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Thank You this is the best explanation yet. Scoutbook is light years ahead of when I was a young scout near fifty years ago as if a scout lost or had their scoutbook destroyed at camp then all the evidence of their achievements was non-existent.


No need to get personal. Honestly I open MYST nearly everyday and try to figure out how to make it work.Yet I have listed the issues. I would not be constantly on these message boards seeking answers if I had solutions. I know I have a full plate, so beyond CC I am default training manger. Five Adult members who volunteered this spring just quit two weeks before our first den meetings. They are all women. I am having a hard time understanding how someone who gave their word and filled out an adult application then left the pack in a lurch right before regular meetings, is beyond my goals of having fully trained den leaders and assistant den leaders for every den. Hind sight if I would have not spent valuable time trying figure out MYST, and spent it mentoring these new den leaders maybe they would not have quit. Our whole AOL Den has now disappeared, which now affects the Scout Troop. All of this on a year when the LDS Packs are not re-chartering.

In the end, I need to use a spreadsheet to do my job as pack trainer = ensure all leaders and den chiefs are 100% trained. This is a gap that needs to be filled.

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The Training Manager report to use for YPT status verification is the YPT Aging Report (not the Trained Leader Report for basic leader training). It only uses Y01 to verify YPT status. Looking at my district I find:


||Asst. District Commissioner|Y01|
||District Chairman|Y01|
||District Commissioner|Y01|
||District Executive|Y01|
||District Member-at-Large|Y01|
||District Service Team Member|Y01|
||District Vice-Chairman|Y01|
||Merit Badge Counselor|Y01|
||Roundtable Commissioner|Y01|
||Unit Commissioner|Y01|
|Crew|Chartered Organization Rep.|Y01|
|Crew|Committee Chairman|Y01|
|Crew|Committee Member|Y01|
|Crew|New Member Coordinator|Y01|
|Crew|Venturing Crew Advisor|Y01|
|Crew|Venturing Crew Assoc. Advisor|Y01|
|Crew|Venturing Participant|Y01|
|Pack|Assistant Webelos Leader|Y01|
|Pack|Asst. Den Leader|Y01|
|Pack|Chartered Organization Rep.|Y01|
|Pack|Committee Chairman|Y01|
|Pack|Committee Member|Y01|
|Pack|Den Leader|Y01|
|Pack|Lion Guide|Y01|
|Pack|New Member Coordinator|Y01|
|Pack|Pack Trainer|Y01|
|Pack|Tiger Den Leader|Y01|
|Pack|Webelos Leader|Y01|
|Ship|Chartered Organization Rep.|Y01|
|Ship|Committee Chairman|Y01|
|Ship|Committee Member|Y01|
|Troop|Assistant Scoutmaster|Y01|
|Troop|Chartered Organization Rep.|Y01|
|Troop|Committee Chairman|Y01|
|Troop|Committee Member|Y01|
|Troop|Leader of 11-Year-Old Scouts|Y01|
|Troop|New Member Coordinator|Y01|
|Troop|Unit Chaplain|Y01|
|Troop|Unit College Scouter Reserve|Y01|

It can be confusing. I believe Y02 was and still is the training code for the old Venturing (and Sea Scouting) YPT course. Someone apparently with only Cub Scouting and Boy Scouting experience incorrectly referred to the previous new Y01 course revision as Y02 and the confusion has continued.

Position registration notes for the above data

  1. “Pack|Lion Guide” should have been converted to “Pack|Den Leader” (in August 2018?). This may be a registration error.
  2. “Troop|Leader of 11-Year-Old Scouts” is an LDS position that will be retired 31 Dec 2019.
  3. The “Chartered Organization Rep.” (CR) is a Council Scouter. To connect the CR to the representative’s units, the CR is registered as a key-3 leader in each of their units.

If you need to discuss registration please do so in a different discussion topic.

Thanks Bill. Y02 was a typo, it should have been Y01. I corrected my post.