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Where did "Leader Training" go?

@JameyDecker - point of order… when your council and district give you a training report where does that come from.

my.scouting I guess. I can only speak for the pack leadership. The pack level we used Scoutbook because of how handy it was. I know this because we had this exact conversation at our committee meeting. No one likes using my.scouting unless they have to because it’s buggy and the UX leaves a lot to be desired.

Can I get my above questions answered?

I get that there’s a purpose to my.scouting. But it’s not a zero-sum game. my.scouting can exist for those that want it, and scoutbook can easily extract the information from it as needed through web services. Think of my.scouting as the end all be all for everything scouting and scoutbook can be something that abstracts everything for the majority of the people who just want a simple interface, get in and get out. They both can exist. Easily.

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@JameyDecker - you guess. The better question is where do leaders take online training. There was zero training available on scoutbook.
Can you get your questions answered well I am not someone who can provide an answer I have just been a scoutbook user for 5 years. Even if I provided an answer I would suspect it along with anything else I could provide would be unsatisfactory.


I have answered this several times in this thread. The BSA has limited dollars to dedicate to IT development. BSA IT is trying to update and in some cases replace legacy systems while enhancing the systems that will remain. The BSA decided that it was better to place development resources on Scoutbook items other than training reports because training reports were available from

There are stories to provide enhanced training reports in in the development backlog.

The BSA has decided not to rely on volunteers to develop their software platforms. There have been offers to help going back to when the BSA first bought Scoutbook and all have been declined.

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I believe there’s a way to select the fields you want to show. It’s not entirely obvious at first glance.

If you go directly to the PDF, I think it is a slimmer report.

No need to get nasty. I don’t control what people do at the district level.

Yes is used for training. But as mentioned, it’s not user friendly. It’s slow and buggy. It’s not intuitive.

All I’m saying that it’s a poor user experience. I’m not calling anyone out. I want to help make it better.

I assumed you were part of the dev team or at least had a hand in it because you immediately answered another forum post I had about a support ticket and have been pretty defensive about this whole thing.

I am here because I not only want to see Scouting survive but thrive. I am here because I not only want Scouting to be a good experience for the Scout but for their parents/guardians too. It is the parents who use and if they are frustrated they leave and Scouting suffers. If Leaders are wasting their precious time they are already volunteering to Scouting unnecessarily they too will leave their positions. I am here because I want better for all of us.

Everyone that helps on the forums is a volunteer. The BSA does not monitor these forums or provide support through them.