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Where do I find the events calendar for my pack?

I cannot find the events calander for my son’s den/pack, any help is appreciated

After you log in to Scoutbook, go to:

My Dashboard -> Events - My Calendar

Click on the Settings icon (looks like a gear) in the upper right and make sure your pack and den calendars are checked and set.

Not all packs / dens use the calendar. But if they do, this is where it is.

Thanks Jennifer
When I hit my dashboard all that appears is a white box that says: administration/my account…

So if I understand you correctly, you only see the first line in this snapshot, not the lines that say Messages or Events?

Are you able to see your scout’s account under My Family when you go to Administration?

Yes sir
Exactly right

No I am not able to see my scout/family under administration

Hrm…it sounds like you’re not currently connected to you scout. I would reach out to your unit leader to ask that they connect you to your scout’s account as a parent.

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I appreciate your help​:muscle::white_check_mark:

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Something else to check that I have seen as an issue, especially if you were previously connected to your Scout, is that you are in the correct account. Go to Admin, My Account, Edit Profile, and check your BSA ID# then have a Pack Admin check that it is the same in what they can see. If there are no parent connections this is not it, but if they see your name it may well be. If this is the issue contact Council to merge the account you are connected to
into the one that is connected to your Scout.

Ok thanks for that info
I’ll check that