Where do I find the Scouts' enrollment date with the Troop?

I used to find the enrollment date/ birthdate on the advancement history (? I think). Now I can’t find it anywhere.

The enrollment date is needed for Eagle application.
We use the birthdate so we know a Scout’s timeline for Eagle.


Should be available in the Scout’s profile:

…although that has to be manually entered. We generally enter the date that the scout submitted a new/transfer application to the unit in that location, so that anything the scout does after that date is “counted”.

The scout’s birthdate is visible, I believe, in their profile near the top.

if you are using the Eagle application in Scoutbook or Internet Advancement it should just fill in

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Thank you, unfortunately the Scout has printed a hard copy and is looking for the information!

I will check on that! Thank you!

Thank you!! I will work on that!