Where is "is adult" tag controlled

If I run a Parent/Scout report as a council admin one of the columns is “is adult”

UserID BSAMemberID Firstname LastName Email MobilePhone HomePhone Age Rank isAdult Position UnitID Unit District CharterName AdvancementSync DateLastLogin DateInvited

Where is that pulled from and how do I correct it if it is wrong. I have a number of parents who show in that tab as false

SB and MID’s are

1196401 13759966
11100321 136773278
11108224 136777555
11108227 136777576
11135637 136797996
11156295 136812591
11156358 136812572
11163211 12347815
11179890 136856705
11187394 136859441
11188201 136859508
11188252 133673090
11299936 13574303
11580743 13673422

In the Volunteer Support Tools (VST) there is an “Is Adult” field on the User in Scoutbook screen.

Councils with access to the VST should have an option to “Change IsAdult Flag”. Please let us know if you need assistance.

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