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Where to find Unit forums

The support info given for the new forums indicated that Unit forums would be available after the move to Discourse. Can someone point out where to find the Unit forums? We use the Troop forum to load PLC notes, etc., each month.

A second question. The support info also said there would be no sub-unit forums. Does this mean that Patrol forums will no longer be available? That’s unfortunate as I’ve been pushing on the patrols to use this as one of the forms of patrol communication.




Your unit forum should be at the bottom of the list of categories, just below the Scoutbook category. It will be of the form Council X - Pack/Troop Y where X is your council number and Y is your unit number.

Currently sub-unit forums are not supported. Your patrols can create topics for their communications.

If you previously had a unit forum that had activity in the last 18 months, it should appear at the bottom of your category list.

At this point, there are no longer patrol or den forums. They were rarely utilized in Scoutbook.

Yes, our unit forum is active and I found it.

Thank y’all for the guidance.


What can you do if you don’t have a forum for our Troop? How do we create one?


It will be at least a few more weeks before units that did not use their unit forums in the Legacy Forums will be able to get them in the new forums. We will post an announcement with instructions in the Scotubook Change Log when they become available.


It would be nice if the Council Name was used, instead of the Council Number… Everyone in our troop knows we’re in the Great Lakes Field Service Council, but I’d probably be exaggerating if I said two of us knew that the GLFSC was Council #272… I know I wouldn’t have assumed that was my troop forum if I hadn’t read this…


In addition to Steve’s suggestion that the Council Name be used, I would suggest that the Unit Forum appear at the top of the page.

We want forums to be the place Scouts and Scouters go to look for unit information. Since we’re pushing them out of the SB platform to do this, the navigation should be as easy and obvious as possible.



I have passed your suggestion on.

I’m not sure how critical this will be viewed given most users will only see one or two unit forums and they all contain the unit type (Pack/Troop/Crew/Ship) and unit number.


I have passed this suggestion on. Given the large number of unit forums and the way Discourse orders them, I’m not sure if this is possible. The developers working on integrating Discourse may need to do some research.

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I agree having the unit forms at the top. Most users won’t care about the other forums, but will care a lot about the unit forum.

I also would second the use of the council name vs. number. When we give input like this we are trying to help usability. Yes, it works, but no one speaks of council 635 (or what ever), they speak of the Bay-Lakes Council in my case. IT support shouldn’t say “good enough, move on”, but say “a job worth doing is worth doing well”.


I would agree with Ed on the council number. The unit members will only see the units they are members of. Adding the coucil name won’t add much recognition. They will see their unit type and number and recognize that it’s their forum.

I would like to put in a vote for the unit forums to be at the top.


Our troop has used our Legacy Unit forum as recently as 20 days ago but it doesn’t show up here in the new forum. Council 413 Troop 411B. How do we get it to show up here? We use it to track our recognition beads that we award for different achievements.

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I have reported this.

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It’s been a day that the new forums have been active, and despite being relatively savvy at things on the interwebs, I find myself lost in a sea of information that is useless to members of my pack and troop. There really needs to be a way to filter the unit-level forums to be at the top level when a parent or scout logs in - otherwise I foresee people posting to forums not at all related to their units, and messages meant for units being lost. While Discourse is an improvement, not being able to link directly to my unit’s forums seems several steps backwards.


I am having the same issue. I created a Troop Forum 13 days ago and made two posts. I have it as a legacy forum on my Troop page, but I don’t see it in the new forums.

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You’ve got a good point. Look at how many posts were in the old forums along the lines of “Are we meeting tonight?”

Anything to make it easier to see that here is your unit forum and there are the national forums is going to help!


I have asked the developers to look for any active unit forums from the legacy forums that were not created in Discourse and add them.

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Can you give me your council number (or name) and unit type/number?

Pathway to Adventure Council, Troop 606