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Where to find Unit forums

Pathway to Adventure Council, Troop 606

I did the same thing as @AngelaKoch and do not see the unit forums.

Council 602, Troop 1833
Council 602, Pack 1833

Ok reported - my bet on this is the Script to find units was run weeks (if not months) ago - so it missed newer ones.

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We show up now. Thanks!

Us too! Thanks for taking care of that @DonovanMcNeil

The unit forums are now at the top. Thank you.


I like the new unit forums. I am intending to use my pack’s unit forum as a knowledge store for our pack’s annual events. One question, though - will my posts continue to persist over time, or will they disappear from the unit forum if, one day, I am no longer a BSA registered adult with the pack?

There are no plans to scrub unit forums as leaders leave.


My troop (UnitID=84778) continues to not have access to a Troop Forum. It took months to get a link to the troop forum and all that link did was refresh the page. Now the link is gone. I had hoped the introduction of the new forums would address this issue but no luck. Please advise.

Only units that had posts in their unit forums between November, 2017 and April 22, 2019 currently have unit forums. The ability to start unit forums for other units will be available soon.

I am not finding the unit forum can you share a screen shot or the actual path to get to the unit forum.

Did your Legacy unit forum have a post in it between November 2017 and April 22, 2019? Unit Forums appear at the top of the Categories in Discourse.

No our unit is new as of this month, We have both a girl and a boy unit.

What I see for that same page is included. I am the Committee Chairman for both units so I would think I would have access to the forums if there were there


Unit forums for those that had not used their legacy forums prior to April 22, 2019 will be enabled at a later date.

Thank you this is what we needed to know

I can see the Unit Forum link for us here in the new forums, BUT

Where is the information we had posted in our legacy forums? I created several posts with good information for parents there. Will I have to create them again?

Scouter Rob

@RobertBoquist you can still go copy paste from Legacy forums

Got it, thanks Donovan!!

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