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Which Cyber Chip For a fifth grade Scout in Scouts BSA

AOL Scouts have crossed to a troop and they are still in fifth grade while in the pack they took the Preview Adventure of Protect Yourself which can be substituted for Cyber Chip.

Now that they are in a troop do they take the grade 4-5 course which is identified as being for Cub Scouts, or the grade 6 - 8 course that is for Scouts BSA?

The requirement says “Earn the Cyber Chip Award for your grade.” In the case described, that’s 4-5.


I understand this. Those Cyber Chip requirements tell the youth to: “As an individual or with your den, use the Teachable Recipes to demonstrate Internet safety rules to your den leader,
den, or pack.”

Now, I understand one could translate that to Patrol Leader, Patrol, or troop but, I can’t believe this has been this way for so long and no one has bothered to fix the language.

See page 4

I appreciate your help, I’ve previously read that and frankly I don’t see how this situation is addressed by that material.

Plus, if they take the grade 4/5 and they are in Scouts BSA, which Internet Safety Pledge do the complete, Cub Scout or Scouts BSA?

It sounds like the people you need to contact are the folks at the BSA’s advancement team.

That’s an excellent suggestion.

Tried and failed.

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We previously asked the advancement team, and the answer that we got was that the Scouts use the requirements based on their current school grade. If they are currently in the 5th grade, then they would use the Cyber Chip requirements for grades 4-5. Obviously, they aren’t in dens anymore, so substitute “patrol” for “den”, etc.

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