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Which troop to join?

Yep, I’ve always said. We would love for all to join our troop. And we hope all scouts enjoy our program. But if they feel they are not I’d rather help them find a troop that does work for them, rather than the scout leaving the program.

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I’m going to ask a question and I truly hope this doesn’t come across wrong. Does this non binary Scout wished to be addressed with specific pronouns/adjectives? It shouldn’t matter but people have been using certain terms for centuries when speaking to people. I wonder how the parents and scouts in a potential troop will handle using non-binary terms? I’ve seen non-binary people act rather aggressive towards people that are using their desired terminology and others that don’t make it an issues.

I would be constantly worried about teasing.

I really hope this isn’t looking like a tool. I’m just worried about the all sides.


" the Boy Scouts of America accepts and registers boys in the Cub and Boy Scout programs based on the gender identity indicated on the application."

I feel it is quite clear that the youth join the troop that matches their gender identity indicated on the application.

I found this image which supposedly is the GSA policy statement but I could not find any citation on the internet, so it may be fake. I offer this to highlight a quandary.

The quandary is when a girl-identified youth or boy-identified youth begins to identify otherwise then in which troop should they belong or transferred to?

I did not find a definition of girl-identified or boy-identified on the internet. I did find a NY times article which sheds some light on the definition here. From the definition of non-binary from here then the definition of girl-identified or boy-identified can be deduced. Non-binary can also be taken as youth which do not identify with either of the biological sexes ( the gender identity is left blank on the application)

I feel that when the gender identity is left blank, the youth should join the troop which is their biological identity.

The program is gender neutral so you are good to go with the following considerations.

  • If a boy troop has a biological girl identifying as a boy then the two deep adult leadership must include one female adult.
  • Tenting and showers arrangements must separate all genders. Biological boys tent with Biological boys, Biological girls tent with Biological girls. Biological boys identified as girls tent with Biological boys identified as girls, and Biological girls identified as boys tent with Biological girls identified as boys.
  • In regards to the quandary, the youth should remain in the troop they were placed in originally.until they change their gender identity on their application

Any updates? Did your chartered org or DE offer any guidance?


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