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Whittling Chip Award for Webelos?

My son’s pack does not use Scoutbook, but I use it for my Troop, so I have looked at his profile since i have access. Since his pack doesn’t use it, I can’t do much. Even though he has earned a bunch of adventures and the Webelos rank, none of it is in there and I can’t enter it since he is not in a den.

I was able to enter his Cyber Chip and Bobcat rank when he earned them, they are still pending of course.

He just earned his whittling chip, and I thought I would put it in the system, but I cannot find the award on the list. Is whittling chip only available to Bear rank and under the AOL Scouting Adventure?

I know it doesn’t really matter, since the pack doesn’t use Scoutbook anyway, but I am just curious.

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@AngelaKoch - I just checked one of our webelos and found whittling chip at the bottom of the awards page… scroll down past the Nova stuff.

The Whittling Chip can be earned by Cub Scouts in Bear and Webelos dens. The issue you are having adding it might be because he is not in a den in Scoutbook.


@AngelaKoch - what Jen said… :slight_smile:

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Since he isn’t in a den in Scoutbook, you won’t see his awards on his page but you should be able to see his record using the Cub Scout History Report.

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