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Whittling Chip emblem on adult uniform?

So I’m a brand new female Den leader. Never did BSA growing up (wasn’t even an option, obv lol). But I have completed the leader training to help out with my son’s den and matching girl den. I just finished BALOO training, and as part of it we earned our Whittling Chip card as adults. Can I wear the emblem as a temporary patch on my uniform shirt as an adult? I thought it would be a fun way to get the kiddos excited about being able to earn theirs one day. But I didn’t know if it was allowed on adult uniforms. Thanks!

I don’t think it’s technically permitted for adults to wear the youth award. At the same time, I’m all for generating excitement and enthusiasm among the scouts. If wearing the emblem works, that sounds like a good reason to me, personally. I’d probably stitch a loop of thin cord on the top so it hangs from the pocket flap button, rather than sewing it directly to the uniform. Makes it easy to care for, and easy to remove if you have to deal with pushy “uniform police” who make a stink about it.

Whatever you decide, I would, in your shoes, keep the Whittling Chip card in my pocket whenever I’m carrying my knife, as an example to the scouts. I always carry the Totin’ Chip I earned as a scout in my wallet, and remind the scouts that they should carry theirs any time they’re carrying their knife or using woods tools

Thank you! And good point about the card – I’ll make sure to carry that with me too.

Whittling Chip Information

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Personally I wouldn’t, as it’s a youth award, and I like to model correct uniform wear. However, let me suggest other fun ways to get the kids excited about Bear Claws and the Whittling Chip. First, just mentioning that the scouts will get to use pocket knives should get many excited. At the beginning of our Bear year, I told the scouts “this is the year we get to do some dangerous stuff, like using woodworking tools…and using REAL POCKET KNIVES!” My den jumped out of their seats when they heard this. If that isn’t enough to get them amped, you can tempt them by showing them the Whittling Chip badge, and telling them that once they earn the award, they will be allowed to CARRY THEIR OWN POCKET KNIFE (at designated events like fishing trips and camping trips)! That should do the trick.

I’ve never heard about adults earning the whittling Chip during BALOO. We didn’t do that when I took the course. Out of curiosity, I looked up the trainer’s syllabus and sure enough, it’s in there! It mentions handing out the pocket certificate cards to participants. I guess your trainer went a step further and gave you the patch, too. Fun!


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