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Who added and invited parents?

I just took over from the SM the process of setting up Scoutbook for a girls troop. Earlier this week none of the scouts had parents set up, but today they all do AND scoutbook says they were sent an email invitation X hours ago which works out to be around 9am today. Who added and invited the parents? I asked the SM and he said he hadn’t logged in 2 weeks. Is this automatic now?

I am also working on transitioning our boys troop over to SB and previously some scouts had parents set up and some did not. Now all have parents but some have been invited (also around 9am) and some have not. What happened here? No one else is touching SB for this troop.

Help! This is mystifying me.

This is something that National is working on so parents sync in just like Scouts. Personally I have not seen it happen yet


That was listed in the SB updates doe 10/25/19.

I highly recommend to everyone to subscribe to the change log threads:

In all honesty Steve, I didn’t write that change log until after this thread was started. We needed to validate parents were actually imported from Akela and I had not seen any in my units until this morning.

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Are all the Scouts in the troop new to Scouting or were they possibly in a Pack that used Scoutbook? If their membership was transitioned from a Pack to Troop, that may have triggered the invite and they would have already been in SB as parents. I’m pretty sure that’s what happened when we moved the AOL Webelos to the troop in the spring (I can’t remember if the parents got a notification though). Just an possibility…
I would think if you added them to the Troop manually with a new BSA ID, the Parents would also have to be added manually as Connections.

I should have read the change log first … that sound exactly like Helens scenario.

I am happy I don’t have to add all the parents now but I was hoping to wait until everything is set up before I invite them. Were invite emails actually sent to them automatically? And why do some parent records say “invitation email was sent” but some say “not been invited yet”?

Developers said invites were not sent.

Even though the parent record says they were invited?

yeah - we said the same thing - if you hear from a parent that they got an email please port it

If I had to guess, I think the API tagged the invited flag on some of the imports

Why some but not others?


Any Scout that already had one or more parents/guardians connected did not have additional parents/guardians added. Scouts that still do not have any parents/guardians connected do not have any parent/guardian listed in Akela. There are cases where Scouts did not have their parents/guardians entered into the database from their original application.

Just In case it helps you to know, I asked a parent with a son in the boy troop and a daughter in the girl troop whose record said she’d been invited but she says she did not receive any email from Scoutbook.

Invitations were not sent to parents that were added by Member Update. We have asked the developers to fix the Last Invited message to reflect this.

Parents can log in with their my.scouting.org ID or use the forgot username/password link to be sent an e-mail with the credentials.

It looks like I got connected to my son this last week a “parent.” I was already connected as the ASM and administrator for scoutbook so I never bothered to make the extra connection. The only way it could have happened would have been automatically.

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