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Who decided to have conversations/threads close after 7 days?

As the title states, doesn’t it seem like 7 days is WAY too short of a timeframe for good conversation in an online forum? Building community is tough when people aren’t on something 24/7 and there are a lot of posts I see where everything is just closed.

They close 7 days AFTER the last comment or one day after the last comment if the thread is marked solved. If a thread is dormant for 6 days and someone replies, the timer is reset.

Before we had threads close, we had cases where people would find a random thread and say something like “I have that problem too” when the thread was very old and we could not determine what the user was talking about. Having users reply to long dormant threads causes confusion.


I’ve seen this on a number of recent threads that were brought back to life somehow… so something is up with Discourse. Not sure if anyone else has noticed.

Yeah, I’ve noticed the same (or similar) issues. I think it’s a glitch in how some account permissions are implemented, but not having visibility into the back-end of the BSA’s discourse implementation, I can’t be certain.

Generally, if I find an “old” thread that I want to reply to/interact with/reference, I link to it (or the specific comments there) in my post. It’s another way to continue the conversation.

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no all categories auto close - mainly the ones that would contain bugs.

On other platforms, I’ve often had someone reply to an old conversation to ask something like “hey - how did this work out? Did you find a solution?” Those conversations often go unseen, but sometimes they’re a gold mine!
When the old conversation is one that I had commented in, the “someone has replied to your post” notification has sometimes even drawn me back to a forum that I had stopped visiting.

Yeah, I agree - I don’t really understand the benefit of closing out the conversations.
If you go through Reddit, you can find conversations from any point and search and weigh-in, etc. Albeit, they aren’t monitored or overseen by the BSA but it does allow for continued thoughts.


That’s because you are not the one spending hours each day supporting users. Members of the SUAC read every post and try to support users as quickly as possible. We cannot do this when people reply to old threads with something like “I have the same problem” when the problem being discussed was solved months or even years ago. This happened far too frequently in the legacy forums, causing those of us who volunteer our time to provide support to spend more time than we should have to figure out what the problem really is. By closing old topics, we avoid this problem.


@Back2Gilwell - and as someone ho volunteers remote support and other options I agree with @edavignon that this would be completely clustered unless of course YOU wish to monitor them @Back2Gilwell


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