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Who has the scoop on Camp Meriweather in Oregon?

Our troop is in the process of choosing a summer camp for next summer. We are located in Northern California and there are several good camps nearby. However, we traditionally a far-away camp once every couple of years.

We’re looking for a camp that DOESN’T pencil-whip merit badges (you know, just going thru the motions while not doing the work…). We went to another Oregon camp a few years ago and it was not a good experience. I’ve heard good things about Meriweather, but I would appreciate hearing from the crowd source. Thanks

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Some Camp Meriweather, Oregon, links

My son’s Troop went to Meriwether last summer. The feedback I received is that the “lake” is a dank warm cesspool “pond”. The food was unpleasant (my son only ate shredded cheese).

The dune surfing was fun.

The Troop is not considering Meriwether for next summer.


I went with my son in 2018 and the scouts had a great time. It was cooler weather than expected, but the staff was great and the food was better than most camps we have been to, so I’m surprised by Scotty’s comment. I didn’t see any pencil whipping of Merit Badges, and distinctly remember the boys writing essays over Luci lights. Archery range was excellent. My son has been two three different camps (Grizzly, Pigott and Meriwether) and felt the pool was best at Meriwether. Again, one person’s experience, YMMV.

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