Who is responsible for reporting Eagle Palms?

I am the (relatively new) Advancement Chair of my Troop. In my Council, the District awards the Eagle rank to the scout and records it on Scoutbook, which I understand will sync with the national system. Would the District also record the Eagle palms as part of the Eagle rank? Or am I, as Advancement Chair, responsible for completing that entry in Scoutbook, once I know his Eagle award date? Thank you for reading and any feedback.

Units are responsible for recording Eagle Palms.

However, you need to wait until your council has entered the Eagle Scout rank as completed and approved, before you can add the Eagle Palms.

Thank you for that. I will take care of it for our Troop.

Adding on to @JenniferOlinger’s response, if these are palms that are earned at the same time as Eagle (i.e. all required MB were complete as of the date of the BoR), make sure that the date used for the Completed date in Scoutbook is set to match the date of the Eagle BoR. That is the trigger in the software to avoid the other requirements (minimum time since Eagle, etc), which would apply for any palms completed after the date of the BoR.