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Who presents the Den Chief Service Award?

The text on scouting.org reads:

“…have Cubmaster and den leader sign off completion of requirements, and give form to the unit leader who will order the award and set a presentation date.”

This means the award is ordered and presented by a Scoutmaster, Crew Advisor, Ship Skipper, or someone they designate, correct? I’m looking for confirmation that the award is not presented by the pack.

Well the SM could designate for the Pack to present

The scoutmaster will set a date for the pack to present? That doesn’t seem correct, as scoutmasters do not control pack calendars.

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never said anything about setting a date? The SM could allow the pack to present when they wanted to - perhaps at a pack meeting or event.

It is an award for youth in Scouts BSA (Venturing, and Sea Scouts too) therefore since that program is youth led it is up to the PLC.


I’ve seen it presented by the SPL at a regular pack meeting, by the SPL at a regular troop meeting, by the MC at a Court of Honor, by the MC at a pack Blue & Gold…I’ve even seen it done once at a pack meeting and re-presented (although it had already been “presented” at the pack meeting) at a troop Court of Honor.

Honestly, the big goals of the award in my mind are:

  • recognize the scout for his or her contribution to the success of the den for which they provided mentorship
  • show the scouts (ideally both at the troop level and the pack level) that the work put in by leaders is valued and recognized

In that sense, I would ideally like to see a joint event at which the pack and troop could both be present. That may not be feasible, of course.


I like the idea of the joint event. We’ve been trying to strengthen the relationship between our Troop and our feeder Packs, and a joint Family Picnic/Court of Honor would be a great way to do that.


I recognized our den chief at our final pack meeting and presented him with a nice gift (a cool Morakniv), but I am hoping his troop awards him the official certificate and/or shoulder cord, in front of his peers, as the website seems to suggest. I was just looking for clarification on official procedure before following up with the troop’s den chief coordinator and scoutmaster. It sounds like there isn’t an official procedure, or at least units tend to not heed the guidance on the website.

We present the shoulder chord and certificate at the Troop’s COH but invite the scout’s den as special guests to help with presentation.

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So to follow up, our den chief will get the award at an upcoming court of honor, as I had hoped! Unfortunately, we haven’t been invited to attend, as @PeterIngham mentioned. That would be pretty cool. I will write a short letter to be read during the presentation, outlining his service to our den.

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