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Who receives comments posted in Scoutbook Calendar Events?


Comments posted to the calendar events are emailed to the event creator.

Thank you. This will make my job harder when I am the admin but the coordinator of the event doesn’t get the comments. Can all with calendar access see the comments if they go to the event?

Yes, anyone who has access to see the calendar event can see the comments, whether they have edit access to the calendar event or not.

ETA: I believe that there has been a request to be able to configure who gets notification, although no confirmation that BSA IT intends to pursue the request (or when). It seems like a significant enough modification that I wouldn’t expect to see it before they migrate the calendar system to IA2 entirely.

Also note - if you have your Scoutbook calendar exported to a public facing Google Calendar, anything written in the Event Description/Invitation Manager will show there as well.

When I was creating our troop website I was originally going to add a Google Calendar but I nixed that idea when I saw that the event details were included. Sometimes we have info in there that should not be publicly accessible but that parents & scouts need, and I’m not going to make anyone try and keep two calendars up to date.

When I make calendar events in Scoutbook, I make a point to add invitees to every single event. Depending on the event, it may be the whole troop (scouts, parents, leaders) or just the people who the event is for. Other than when Scoutbook has a bug (there was one recently when you set the reminder to be sent 1 hour before the event), I’ve found that by using the invite list everyone gets the reminder message when I set scheduled reminders. Included in that email is whatever is written in the Event Description section of the calendar event.

The one thing I don’t know is whether or not the calendar reminders are limited to only the invitees or not. Using the invite list also means I can easily go and check off the event attendance in Scoutbook as well.

The other section “Notes/Agenda/Minutes” - our troop never uses it but it does say that only admins can see those. Admins would be your Key 3 people and anyone you designated with Troop Admin privileges in Scoutbook. Stuff written here will not be seen by parents or scouts.

That’s a good point. One approach to that is to put the non-public information (e.g. Zoom connection info) into the first comment in the event and direct people to look at the event comments for additional information.

Calendar reminders only go out to those on the invite list, although anyone who has access to view the calendar has access to view the event, whether they are invited or not.

@CharleyHamilton - I only mentioned not knowing who the reminders were limited to because I’m always an invitee :wink:

For most of our events I just add everyone in the troop as an invitee. Most of our parents won’t let their kids have a scoutbook account so I have to make sure that someone in the family is getting the information emailed to them.

I brought up the event information being public on a Google Calendar exactly because of Zoom. I didn’t want our link and password out there for everyone to access.

We don’t pay for a subscription and thus don’t have a link that has the password embedded in it. I was constantly getting asked “what’s the password?” every single week. I ended up having to put the link and password into the event description so that everyone would get it just before the meeting.

Lots of good information. Most I was aware of. I too am always invited so not knowing who gets what had me asking the question to start with. I too adjust attendees depending on the event. Invite all the parents as most scouts don’t have email nor scoutbook access. Also putting “share this information with your scout” in every event.

I would eventually like to get the troop scribe or or other designated scout to take attendance at meetings and events. Nice to have a backup. For now I do that with the advancement chair.

Hoping to get someone to step up and work on our website and would like to link the scoutbook calendar to the website.

We only use google meets. Like that scoutbook assigns a link when creating the event. We always have a waiting room so we can keep out uninvited people.

If you invite the Scout, the parent gets the email. If you invite the parent, and you don’t expect most to come, the RSVP counts will be off.


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