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Whoops on update of MBC position

I’ve tried several times to update “My Positions” “Merit Badge Counselor”. I wanted to do 2 things:

  1. Change from District to Council availability. That seemed to go through even though it gave me an Whoops error message.
  2. Click the “I Agree to be…” box so I’d show up to others. This always give a message “Merit Badges - Please select at least one MB…” There is no way to select one of them, or at least no indication that it is selected when you click on it. If I click anywhere in that major box and then click the checkbox for “I Agree…” it abends and gives a Whoops message. After several days of waiting for someone to fix it, it is still not accepting my entry.
    Pete, District Adv. Chair

The developers have duplicated your issue and are working on a fix.

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