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Why I lost Key3 access in my.scouting.org following Charter processing?

Once our troop’s charter was processed several weeks ago, I lost my Key3 position/access (Committee Chair) in my.scouting.org and cannot access the membership roster, YPT/Training reports, online application tracking, etc. I reached out to our council/district representatives, and they said everything is fine from their end, but that there is a bug national is working on. They’ve not been able to explain further or fix the issue, and now that several weeks has passed, it is starting to impact things I need to do. Any insight regarding what National issue this may be, or if there’s something else going on? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


You have 2 BSA Member IDs and 2 my.scouting.org accounts. I’ll send you a private message with what you need to do. Look for green circle with white number on the green circle with white M in the upper right corner of your forum window.

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