Why is report builder showing 2 youth groups in report?

When creating a report to show Medical and Swimmer tests by selecting all adults and youth from all patrols, the resulting report creates 2 categories for Scouts. A “youth” and “den chief” member groups. The Scout listed under Den Chief is no longer a Den Chief and that position had ended 12/31/2020.

what is the DC BSA #? @DaveBuckley

BSA Member #:130036565

@DaveBuckley please post URL of the report

It is odd that the selection list is presented by patrols but the output uses a different grouping scheme. Is this URL accessible by anyone? Wondering if I should message it

it is fine to send @DaveBuckley you have to have connections to see it - I won’t be able to see it myself - but if helps developers fix it faster


Also noticed earlier today that the CIS is showing up in our individual advancement reports as one of the 21 req’s MB’s already.

IAR is messed up as a new official has not been released that I have heard of - I prefer the history report - I find users can read it better though more pages

Where is the history report accessed from?

Scout Page in Scoutbook > Reports - or admins can get from Dashboard > Reports > with BSA# and Last Name

OK. I was attempting to run a batch to hand out to Scouts to verify their earned MBs are recorded correctly in IA/SB. Many haven’t been setup accounts by their parents despite our efforts to recommend it.
We had a recent Eagle candidate that somehow a couple of awarded MBs were not entered into IA(before SB or at least before we started using it). Fortunately the Scout had all of their earned blue cards.

Should we be concerned if there are requirements not recorded as completed but the Scout has earned the Rank? Feel some of these missed recordings were when we couldn’t meet in person with Covid and/or restrictions from completing them(Swim tests). We were looking to back date but since the rank is earned, at least with the deferred Swim tests can’t be recorded(we are just using Notes).

NAtional only cares about finished dates

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