Why switch to an inferior calendar?

So many bugs and reduced functionality and yet we are turning off the Scoutbook calendar?

Why? Look at this page and tell me where the “goodness” is for switching?


The goodness is in the vastly improved underlying software, which will make future improvements easier / possible. It seems to have been stated that functionality will not be lost when the cutover happens. Yes, it is a little annoying to be used as beta testers.

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I wish they would postpone the switch until some of these bugs are worked out. My unit really uses our calendar, and this is going to basically make it nonfunctional for us with how our events are looking. No line breaks, so all of the information about our November camping trip, for example, are in one giant block of information. How to RSVP, directions to camp, agenda, camp rules, BSA rules, suggested packing list… one huge block of text. And it removed all apostrophes, quotation marks, colons, and dashes, so it’s difficult to read, to boot. Instead of switching over to use this, we will have to be looking for a completely new calendaring software, which is ridiculous.

@ErinBrown - the switch apparently will not be as hard fast as you are assuming based upon other posts

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