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Wilderness First Aid (Preparing for Philmont)

Little confused. Does WFA Expire after 2 years? I thought it did but at my.scouting it says never expires?

I understood it to expire every two years as well, @DonovanMcNeil. I suspect that my.scouting is confused.

Which leads to the follow up - had a local unit tell me if an MD or RN was going they did not need WFA but it covered the unit? I had never heard that. And both makes sense and is contradictory to other BSA policies (I am a teacher with tons or training but I need YPT as an example.)

I asked the BSA about this with regards to First Aid and CPR. The answer was since they don’t run the classes, they can’t properly indicate the expiration date in my.scouting.org.

That’s weird. Our local Red Cross First Aid/CPR trainer told me he has to provide the expiration data to our District Training Chair when the data is entered into the training logs.

@DonovanMcNeil, FWIW, we have an ER physician with ground combat experience (retired Navy embedded with the Marines). I’d rather have him than anybody with WARFA training, but I understand he still plans to take it, if he can work it into his schedule before the crew goes to Philmont next year.


That is a statement that makes this programmer’s eyes roll. The real reason is because it hasn’t been implemented.

As a note the certification does expire from an industry standpoint. And the holder needs to be current on CPR (maybe First Aid as well) to be considered current on Wilderness First Aid.

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From Philmont:

Philmont will accept the following advanced levels of training. A copy of the current license or certification must be shared with Philmont during the registration process. Remember to bring cards or certifications for verification.
• Wilderness First Responder
• Outdoor Emergency Care/Ski Patrol
• EMT-Basic, EMT-Advanced or Paramedic
• Military Corpsman, Medic or Equivalent Medical Training
• Registered Nurse
• Licensed Nurse Practitioner
• Licensed Physician’s Assistant
• Licensed Physician, MD or DO

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